It was a cloudy evening, reshma was standing in the balcony, blankly staring at the sky, waiting for the rain.
She closed her eyes, feeling the soft and chill tiny droplets of water. Suddenly, her chain of thoughts were broken by a fragile cry. Her lips curved into a smile to the soft wail. The voice intensified as she walked upto the door. She took him in his hands as his cry grew even more louder.
“awww… My baby… It’s ok… Mumma is here… It’s ok” She patted his back in a try to calm him down. But the baby cried even more louder.
“what happened to my prince??? Is he hungry??? Or does he wanna go poo poo??” She cringed her nose making a baby voice.
Reshma shifted to this mansion 2 years ago. It was when she found out that his husband hated the child and he once even tried to kill him.
She couldn’t forget a thing from her past. The way she fell in love with him, she regretted it, so very much that she could never forgive herself, not for a life time. She never realised the fact that he was a monster. It killed her everyday, every moment she lived, but then she had to live through it cause she had a reason, one beautiful reason, that she held on to live, one beautiful reason she literally held in her hand, it was just simply more than enough to live.

“hush-a-bye…. baby…. on the tree top…
When.. the wind blows….. the cradle will rock…
When… the bough breaks… the cradle will fall…
Down will come baby, cradle… and all….” She sang, as the baby calmed down and her voice trailed off as the baby closed his eyes.
As she placed the baby back on the cradle, she heard a knock on the door.
“sssshhhhhh….. The baby is sleeping” Reshma’s voice was a whisper.
“oh… I’m sorry…” It was Swetha.
“so… You just got off work??” Reshma asked her as both of them walked out of the room.
“yeah… Just now and I’m coming right from the hospital to see you” she said as she ran her hand through her bag and continued “here take these…” She held a case of tablets. “thought they might help your headache. Doctor prescribed!!” She winked.
“you stole the medicines once again??? ” Reshma frowned.
“oh well.. hows the baby??” She switched the subject.
“he is sleeping… He woke up a while ago, crying, may be he had a nightmare.” She said.
“Reshma… Why don’t you come out of this place and hangout with me for sometime?? You’ll feel better…” Swetha touched her hand.
“i wish i could… But with suman around… I hardly have time for anything…” Reshma said.
“hmm.. I can understand… But someday, if you’re free… Remember… I’m there!” She said.
After sometime, Swetha left.
Reshma sat back on her sofa thinking about how her life was and how it had become now. Akshay and Reshma had a love marriage. They were simply perfect for each other. He loved her more than anything else. After marriage, they moved to  a new apartment, love was so magical. In fact, when Reshma told him about the baby, he was very much happy about it. Everything was going wonderful and then she had a baby, she was very much happy but then things changed. Akshay stopped talking to her, he became busy over work. Hardly, he took time off to talk to Reshma and when ever he did, he always wanted her to leave the baby alone. Reshma couldn’t understand at first but slowly she started realising it. Akshay had a problem with the kid. Ever since he was born, he hadn’t even taken him in his hands, not even once. Days passed and the quarrels intensified, Until that one day came. they were fighting on the same issue and Akshay lifted suman from the bed and tried to throw him on the floor.
It was a horrifying moment for Reshma, she could never forget that day. Everyday, She wished that she could, but it never helped. Gladly, nothing happened to suman, she caught hold of suman and walked out of the house. Later on, She even registered a complaint to the police but the police never took the complaint. She shifted to another city, with the help of swetha, to protect him from his dad. Swetha was a nurse, she lived a few rooms apart and always checked on reshma if she needed anything. Reshma spent all her time taking care of the baby.
One day,
Reshma had just fed suman and put him to bed when she heard a knock on the door.
She opened it and the minute she did, she was horrified, It was Akshay.
“get lost!” She said, immediately shutting the door. But before she could, Akshay held the door.
“Reshma… Please listen to me” he said as he tried to open the door.
“i don’t wanna listen anything!! Go away!!” She screamed, the baby woke up.
“please Reshma… Listen to me… I’m sorry for what ever happened!!! Please come back… I’ve realized my mistake… Please forgive me!!” He said.
“forgive you??? How could you even ask me that!?! You tried to kill my baby!! And today you suddenly walk up here to ask an apology and you expect me to forgive you???? Go away Akshay!! before i call the police!” She screamed.
“but Reshma…” Before he could say more Reshma screamed “Swetha!!! Swetha!!!”
Swetha walked up to her room.
“what is going on here??” Swetha was confused.
“ask him to him leave!!! I don’t wanna see his face!!” Reshma said.
Akshay stood there helplessly.
“i think you should…” Swetha started to say as Akshay stormed out.
Reshma was in tears, she cried leaning against the door, Swetha asked her to open the door but she refused, suman was crying in the adjacent room.
She had never imagined this day to happen in her life. Everything had walked back, she felt helpless.
Days passed, Akshay came to see her every other day, begging for forgiveness, but Reshma never listened to him.
One day, Reshma and Swetha were strolling in the garden as Akshay walked up to them.
“why can’t you leave me alone??” Reshma’s anger shot up.
“Reshma… Please listen to me… I’m sorry… I know i have made an unforgivable mistake, I’m trying to change myself. I shouldn’t have left you like this. All I’m asking you is for another chance. Please.. Let me make it up to you…” He begged.
She turned away in a haste.
“coming Sunday, is suman’s birthday… I’m throwing a party in my home and raising funds for charity, i want you to be there.” He looked at her and then at her baby “with our baby”
He stood there for a reply from her but she walked away without saying a word.
That night, Swetha walked up to Reshma’s room.
“i think you should go” she said.
“what are you saying??? That man once almost killed my baby.” Reshma was surprised to what Swetha was asking her to do.
“i know Reshma… But look at him, i think he has changed, he isn’t like before.” Swetha paused to see Reshma’s reaction. She was silent.
She continued “people make mistakes, every one does. But people change too, Akshay has realised his mistake. He wants you back, don’t you think he deserves a second chance??”
Reshma wasn’t saying a word.
“besides… It’s your son’s birthday, and you’ll have a good time over there with the kids, you haven’t been out of this room in a year, it will be like a break for you…” Swetha held her hand. Reshma was silent.
“fine.. I’ll come with you to that function!! Is that ok??” Swetha asked her.
That Sunday, they went to the function.
Reshma was having a good time. Akshay was  seated in a table far away from Reshma  as he saw her talking to a few ladies. He was happy that she was there. He looked at her, even after all these years, she still looked gorgeous.  He wanted her to be happy, always smiling and nothing else. He wanted her back in his life and wished that things became normal. That moment he realised what a big mistake he had made, he regretted it. He regretted for having done this to her. He should have been there when she was crying, he had left her all alone when she needed him the most.
Swetha walked up to him.
“so???” Akshay asked her.
“she isn’t opening up much, i tried talking to her but things aren’t going any where. She is being adamant” she said.
“it’s my mistake…” Akshay felt bad.
“don’t worry… She will understand you one day.” Swetha tried to sympathise with him.
Both of them looked at Reshma.
“she has been through a lot…” Swetha said.
On the other side of the hall, Reshma was with a few of friends, catching up with their life. But she was hardly even listening to them. Her mind was wandering some where else. She looked past her friends to see Akshay. He was talking to Swetha.
It hadn’t been a long time since she had left him, but he looked tired and old. She looked at him, this was the man who once tried to kill his son and it was same guy with whom she was madly in love with. She wondered how drastically could someone change. Now there he was, calm and composed, no body could ever tell that this man had once done such a thing, she herself had never imagined that. all his monstrous self hidden behind that tired face, or…. had it faded away? had he really changed? Did he really mean what he said? Or was he acting? She was confused. Her mind wavered between the past and the present. The future, she wanted to see once, turned out to be a nightmare and now the nightmare was changing back.It was late night, people had started to leave. Swetha had left earlier as she had some work at the hospital.
After talking to her friends, Reshma walked up to the balcony. The breeze was soft and soothing. She stood there for a while, when Akshay walked up to her. She started to leave when she saw him.
“whoa! whoa! lady… I’m not gonna do anything.. You can stay…” He paused and she started to walk.
“or if my presence turns you on and makes you you irresistible from making out with me.. You may leave, i don’t mind!” He smiled wickedly.
Unsure of what she felt, whether it was irritation or the will to prove him wrong, she stayed back and tried not to look at him.
“you know what Reshma… the day you left me, i realised a few things in my life, no matter where i go, what i do, how our lives turn out to be… I would always come to you… I would always want to be with you… Coz that’s what makes me feel happy… I know i have made a mistake in the past, I’m pining over it everyday, every single moment. I know i can never make it up to you but i just want you to know that I’m sorry… Forgive me if you can…” He said.

“why is it always so simple to ask for forgiveness than giving??” Her eyes were most and her voice was breaking.
Akshay stood there silently. She knew that he cannot be forgiven but she  loved him, even after all this, some part of her was still in love with him.
“all these years, I’ve tried to forget things, but i am not able to… Tell me Akshay… What should i do??” She stood there in tears.
he held her in his arms, stroke her hair gently.
“it’s not your fault Reshma… It was never your fault… You don’t have to forgive me… Give me another chance…” Akshay could have never regretted himself more than how much he did at that moment. He cursed himself for not being with her when she was going through all this.
He wiped her tears and kissed her, She resisted, breaking the kiss. She was holding his shirt firmly, breathing heavily. He lifted her face and moved close to her lips. He didn’t kiss her, he wanted to know if she still loved him. A second went by and the very next moment she pulled herself, like a magnet, to his lips. He kissed her deeper, leaning against her, pushing her against the wall. The air between them was burning. He missed her terribly and so did she. They kissed passionately, in few seconds both of them were out of control and after a while, both of them lay exhausted in the bed. He held her tightly against himself as she cuddled around him.
Suddenly, she heard a cry. Quickly, she got up, dressed herself and waited out of the room to see suman. A minute later, she walked inside with her baby.
“awww… Baby… don’t cry… It’s ok…” She spoke to the baby as she sat on the bed.
Akshay looked at her, he loved her very much. He wanted her, it didn’t matter how she was, what she did. At that moment he knew only one thing, that he loved her.
“can i hold him??” He asked her.
She looked at him, a smile curved out of her lips.
She placed the baby gently in his arms. He looked at Reshma, then in his arms.
“he is a beautiful kid… One-day, he is gonna grow up and became a big man….” He had tears in his eyes. He kissed the baby’s forehead. The baby started crying.
Reshma took the baby in her hands.
“it’s k…. My baby…. Mumma is here…” She said as patted his back.
Akshay watched her as she walked around the room. He remembered the day they were going to have the baby. He knew how happy and excited she was, about the baby. Sad that the baby was stillborn. Her health conditions were very weak and the doctors told her that she might never be able to bear a child in her life. He still remembered that day. Hearing the news, she fainted. Doctors told that her brain had undergone multiple shocks, she didn’t wake up for two days. when she gained her conscious, they found her playing with a doll, they thought it was normal. At first, he didn’t realise it, he was already going through a huge trauma. He worked late hours trying to keep his mind occupied. But gradually as he saw her, he saw what she was going through. She had started to believe the doll to be her child. He tried explaining her but it rather went worse and one fine day, things went out of hand.
Now, he looked at her, he knew he cannot change things but then he realised that he didn’t have to. he loved her and wanted her to be happy, that’s all. He closed his eyes, a drop of tear trickled down his cheek.
“hush-a-bye…. baby…. on the tree top…
When.. the wind blows….. the cradle will rock…
When… the bough breaks… the cradle will fall…
Down will come baby, cradle… and all….” He heard her sing until he drifted off the real world.

Love is all about understanding, respecting and admiring the differences and still being madly in love with that person irrespective of all the odds that are stacked against them. No one is perfect, not even you… you need them as much as they do, to be perfect.


The Hangover!

Life is beautiful!!! Life is wonderful!!” Raghav was standing naked and screaming at the top of his voice. The entire room smelled alcohol and bile juice. Joe was lying near the toilet basin, unconscious.

Karthik was lying unconscious with his head on the toilet basin but in the adjacent room. Krish was with him.

It was 12 am and the night had just started.

Now wait, how did we get here? It is not much of a long story, but anyways, let’s rewind to about 12 hours from now.



Guys, like I’ve always believed ‘LIFE IS SHORT’, we never know what awaits us at every turn down the road. Every moment is a surprise, every moment is magical. Believe it or not, EVERY MOMENT CONSPIRES A NEW STORY.



12 hours before the hangover….

Karthik was at the Nescafe shop, when raghav walked up to him.

“Sup? Man!” raghav asked him.

“Nothing much!” karthik was silent.

“c’mon!! Something is fishy! And hey..! Where’s the chick you were hanging out with, the past few days?”

Karthik frowned at the question and it became obvious to raghav.

“What!?! You guys broke up!?” raghav seemed surprised.


“But why!??”

“She was just not the one!” karthik replied.

Both of them remained silent for while when karthik spoke again.

“You know what!?!  I’m done with this entire finding “the-love-of-your’s-life” thing! It sucks!”

“Oh c’mon!! It’s ok! She was just not the one… that’s all! Why do you lose hope!” raghav was cheering.

“No!! I am serious! I’m done searching for that one girl who is going to spend the rest of her life, madly in love with me. If she is really out there then let her come to me, i am not going to search for her anymore.

“Well… if that is it. Then why not enjoy life being single” raghav was enthusiastic.

“Yeah man!!” karthik was excited.

“Then lets rock it dude!!” he stood up to speak further.

“Lets forget all that we’ve been through and live this night like two crazy-single bastards, all of Coimbatore has ever seen. Lemme remind you one thing my friend, tonight is going to be that one night about which our kids are gonna talk for generations to come. Let’s make history tonight.”




5 hours after the hangover…

“Guys!! Guess what!!? I just found the girl who could probably be the love of my life!” karthik was excited.

“Oh man!! Not again!” raghav frowned. “Dude… its 5 in the morning!!”


“No… I was sleeping and i had this weird dream and.-” karthik was talking when a whiskey bottle thrashed against the wall, right above his head. It was Joe. “If he talks one more word, i swear to god, i’m gonna kill him!” he said as he rolled himself to the other side of the bed.


“but-” karthik was about to say something when raghav spoke “dude! Everybody’s has had a bad night! Can we just talk about it later?”

“Yeah go to bed!! You asshole!!” it was krish.

Raghav looked at karthik for consolation,

“Forget it!” karthik walked out as he said and shut the door behind.



10 hours before the hangover…

Raghav and karthik were walking to the parking lot.

“Here, see this.” Raghav pulled out a booklet from his bag. “You might wanna read this”

It read “Teri meri nautanki”

30 minutes into the hangover…

“Dude! I guess the fire alarm just went on” Raghav said.

“Holy crap!! I told you not to burn that book inside the bathroom!!!” Karthik shouted at raghav.

“What the fuck!?! You were the one to force me to burn this book!!” Raghav shouted back. The entire bathroom was full of smoke.

Just then, the calling bell rang.

“We’re screwed!!” Raghav was panting.

The bell rang again.

“I’m not fucking opening the door.” Raghav was sweating.

“Ok wait… Relax… We can manage this!” Karthik said and opened the door.

“Is everything fine sir?? The fire alarm just went on” the manager was standing at the door. He was polite.

“Oh… I’m so sorry… We didn’t know that there was a sensor above us… We were just smoking… May be the smoke just triggered the alarm by mistake, no problem!”

The manager was skeptical,

“Are you sure??”He asked them.

“Yup sure!! It’s just the cigarette!! We aren’t doing anything else!” raghav said.

“Yeah… And it is definitely not anything else! I mean… We’re definitely not burning any book or something! A book that he might have written on an emotional note for the ex love of his life life, now, on an emotional note again, burning it to over come the very feeling of sorrow and hatred over his ex.!” karthik paused for a breath. Both the manager and raghav started at him, it was awkward.

“That would be crazy, isn’t it?” He smiled wryly.


10 hours before the hangover….

“Is this….” Karthik’s face gleamed in surprise.

“Yeah… The story about my past.” He said. Raghav had written a story about his love life and had made a small book. It was a birthday gift for his girl friend who, now, was an ex in his life. They broke up a few months back. As far as the relationship was concerned, the break up must have been really bad but raghav had never expressed himself out, it was as if he was very normal but hardly anyone knew what he was going through. Besides, he was now dating another girl, Priyanka, which is a whole new story but we’ll get to that later.

“You sure you want me to read this? I mean… you never let anyone read this!”Karthik said.

“Yeah i’m sure… i’m over all that bullshit!” raghav chuckled.


“You have any plans for tonight??” Raghav asked him.

“nah… Nothing i guess!”

“Well! You have now!!”

“What do you mean “i hav now”??” karthik looked at him.

“We’re going to kochin!” He sounded excited.

“wait… What??” Karthik didn’t get it the first time.

“kochin!!! Bro. I’m pulling in the others too. It will be fun. Beach, bikini and booze! And it is going to be awesome!!!”

Before Karthik could say a thing, raghav had left the place.



5 hours before the hangover….

It was car trip to kochin. Karthik, raghav, Joe and Krish were standing at the registration desk in taj hotel. Raghav was standing by the window lighting a cigarette when Karthik walked up to him.

“I read it…”Karthik said.

“So? what do you think? How was it?” He smiled.

Karthik remained silent for a while as Raghav lit a cigarette.

“Are you ok?” Karthik asked him.

“Is that a question??” He frowned. “I’m perfectly normal! What do you think?”  Streaks of smoke ran out of his nostrils.

“I don’t think so! You are just pretending to be happy!”

“C’mon man! I’ve moved on. I have a girl friend now, i am happy with her, why would i even pretend??” He was lying.


5 hours and 30 minutes after the hangover…

“Ok… Yes… I haven’t moved on! The thing with my ex is not over yet! A few things, no matter how hard you try, can never be forgotten, but on the bright side I don’t think about her anymore”



“And… moreover… priyanka is hot! She is like the hottest chick on my girl friend list!” raghav said.

3days after the hangover…

Raghav found priyanka making out with suganya in the terrace.


5 hours before the hangover…

While, raghav and karthik were busy talking near the window,

Joe and krish were finishing up with the formalities at the registration desk.

“Dude… 6’o’ clock. Look at that chick.” Joe whispered to krish.

Krish turned around to see “ohh… yeah… that’s a good one!” he turned to fill up up the forms. He didnt bother much to listen to what Joe was saying.

“Ohh look at those rugs man! Judging by the size of them… you know she likes it dirty!”

Krish gave him a weird look for a second and said. “Seriously!?!”

“Oh c’mon man! She is hot… dont you see that!”

“Never mind!”Krish wasnt in a mood to argue. “Where are the other two?” he said.

“Ohh there…” he pointed to the window.

“Ohh… i dont believe this… he is still talking about his ex?? Seriously… what did he see in tat girl??” krish frowned.

“Ummm… boobs?!” Joe said.

“Dude!! Seriously??” krish frowned again.


“You have no idea about falling in love with a girl! Do you??!” krish said as he walked away.

“You mean… you fall on top of the girl when she gives you the dirty look whilst being on the bed??”

“Forget it!” krish said as he walked away.

That guy found the love of his life a month later. “It was magical.” that is what he says when asked about his love story even today.

1 month later…

Joe was talking over phone.

“Yeah… i miss you too sweety… i’m just going to the bath room. I’ll be back in a minute. Bubye… umma… yeah love you too”


“I can’t believe that guy is in love! I mean who expected that!” krish was talking to raghav.

Just when someone opened the door. It was karthik

“Hey guys. Remember the time i told you about the girl i saw in my dream..?? I was searching her all these days and guess what?!? I met her today! And you know whats interesting?? She is the daughter of our physics teacher!” karthik was excited.

“He is never gonna change… poor kid!” raghav whishpered to krish.

2 hours before the hangover…

“Hey joe… how was the date with that hot chick??” krish asked Joe as he walked into the room. The booze party had started. Raghav and karthik were already half way throuugh the whishkey bottle.

4 hours 50 minutes before the hangover…

Krish left Joe to talk to the other two guys. After a few min. raghav walked up to Joe.

“Dude look at the hot chick over there!” Joe said.

“Ohh… yeah… you know she likes it dirty!” raghav cringed his nose.

“Right!?! Right!!?! “Joe was excited.”Only you understand me man!! Krish was being crazy about what i thought about her.” he said.

“You wanna talk to her??” raghav asked him.

“No man!! You crazy??!” Joe was startled.

“Wait here” he said and walked up to her. They were talking for a while now and Joe stared at them. He felt weird. And then raghav pointed towards Joe, the girl smiled and waved a ‘hi’ to him.

After a while the three guys saw them leave to the table by the swimming pool.

“Whats up with Joe!??” karthik asked.

“Oh… looks like he has a date!”Raghav said as he got the keys from krish.

Back at the table near the swimming pool, Joe was talking to his date.

“So… swathi… you had a break up? What happened??” Joe seemed concerned. Sipping a glass of wine from the glass, he listened to her.

“Oh… i broke up with my girl friend.” her face was low. Joe gasped and choked on his drink.

“Wait what!?” Joe thought he didnt hear her properly.

“Well that’s a long story… you know… happened 6 months back when i had to undergo an operation to change into a girl for my girl friend.”

Everybody in the room was rolling on the floor unable to control the laughter.

“You mean you were on a date with a chick who was once a dude!!?” karthik was laughing his eyes out.

“C’mon man!! It isnt funny!!” Joe was frustrated.

“Oooh… oooh… did you give her a blow job!??” krish poked in. and the laughter turned hilarious.

“Chill out dude!! Have a drink!” raghav handed him a glass.

The night was picking up pace. Raghav was getting high.

“Karthik… you know the thing i used to tell about treating your girl like a whore for a good relationship?? Mine turned out to be a real one!!” raghav laughed. “But my relationship sucked.” his voice was low.

It wasnt funny but he was laughing.

“Switch on the TV, put some song man!!” raghav stood up to light a cigarette and walked up to the balcony.

“Ahhhhhh….” he let the smoke run out of his nose. His eyes were closed. It was as if he was enjoying every single puff through his entire body.

“She was a whore man!!” he was talking to himself.

Karthik walked up to him.

“Are you ok?” he shook his shoulders, but raghav wasnt listening to him.

“She is a whore… dirty whore man!!”He said as he slapped the iron railing by the side of the balcony.

“Relax man!!”Karthik was worried. Raghav was turning aggressive.

“You know what buddy?? I think we should go have a minute in the other room” karthik pulled him out to the other room.

They walked inside other room, when karthik locked it.

“Here… take this…!” karthik pulled out the book that raghav gave him earlier this day.

“What!??” raghav was confused and dizzy as well.

“Burn it!! You will feel better!!”

“You’re crazy!!!”

“Seriously!!! Take this…and burn it!! Now!!!” karthik handed a lighter to raghav. “Go to the balcony! Dont burn it in the bathrom!!” he said as he gulped down the rest of the drink in the whishkey bottle.

After 30 minutes, both of them walked into the room where two join the others.

“Hey!! What happened??” krish asked them.

“Umm… nothing!!” karthik said. Joe was seated on a chair, frozen. He was stiff and his spine erect. His eyes were wide open and he was apparantly staring at nothing.

“Whats with Joe!??”Karthik asked him as he saw the vodka bottle empty. “You’ve got to be kidding me!! You guys finished the entire bottle!!??” karthik frowned.

“Dont ask me… i couldnt get sip of It.! ask him!!” krish pointed to Joe.


 15 minutes ago….

“What do you think would it feel like when you gulp the entire bottle??” Joe was holding the vodka bottle.

“I dont know about that but its better than giving a blow job to that bisexual you were talking to a while ago.” krish laughed harder.

Joe was already frustrated. Poping up the knob, Joe gulped the entire bottle down.

Karthik saw the glass, he had filled a while ago with whiskey. He gulped the entire glass at one go.

Suddenly, raghav pushed him aside and walked into the bathroom and a moment later, karthik found him barfing on the wash basin. There was vomit all over him.

“You ok buddy??” krish said.

“Oh… loog ad me… lemme wash myself!!” he dragged himself into the shower. He was blabbering.

He sat under the shower and opened the tap.

“Tum hi ho… ab tum hi ho…” everyone heard him say as he splashed water onto himself with his open palm.  Alcohol was taking charge.

“Tere liye… hi jiya… tujh KO…” raghav was going out of control.

“I think he is high!” krish said.

“Dont you see it!! He is freaking high!!” karthik shouted.

“What is wrong with you?!” karthik tried to pull raghav out but he wasnt listening.

“Leave me alone” he shouted jerking his hand off. Then he moved to the tap and stretched his hand to the shower knob.

“Dude… you realise the fact that if you would just get up a bit, you would reach the knob”karthik said.

“Ehhh what?!” raghav wasnt listening. Karthik frowned.

“Wait… lemme help you.” karthik turned on the shower knob.

“Tum hi ho… ab tum hi ho…” he started again.

Leaving raghav inside the bathroom, karthik walked out, he was feeling dizzy already. The whishkey was starting to show its effect.

Krish walked up to karthik.

“Are you ok man!?” he asked. But karthik struggled to respond. He felt something, something strange. Something was erupting from below and before he realised what it was, he found himself rushing to the other room.

Krish turned to raghav; he was still in the shower singing that old sound. He was half way through the song for the second time.

“c’mon bro. gets up!! Enough is enough!!” krish tried to pull him out, but raghav didnt listen.

“You know what my friend..?? Life is beautiful… life… is wonderful!!” he said as he splashed some more water onto himself.

“Raghav!! Get up!!”

“Dude!!! Go away!!! Dont you see, i’m peeing over here!!? Give me some privacy man!!” raghav shouted at krish.

Slowly, it dawned on to him when he saw the pale yellow streak in the stream near the drain.

“Oh man!! Get up now!!!” he pulled him out of the shower. Then krish helped him remove his dress and wraped a towel around his waist. While he was cleaning up the mess, Joe rushed into the bathroom and pushed his head into the toilet seat.

Krish dragged raghav to the bed and tugged him in.

Krish was tired and sick already. The room was a mess. He started nauseating.

Karthik was in the other room barfing. Krish could only here the voices from the other room.

Then krish walked into the bathroom to check on Joe. He was half asleep with his head on the toilet seat.

“Oooooooo man!!!!! whoooooooooooooohhhh!!!! The party is on!!!!” raghav was jumping on the bed with the towel in his hand.

“Whoooooooooooooo man!!! Life is beautful!!! Life is wonderful!!!” he screamed on top of his voice.

“dude!! What is wrong with you!?? And why are you naked?!!” krish was shocked at what he was seeing.

“Whooooooooooooooo!!! Look at my dick man!!” raghav was spining the towel in one hand and holding his penis in the other.

“Eeeeeehhhaaaaaa eeeehhhaaaaa… look at me… i’m a cowboy!!” raghav said as he jumped on the bed. Raghav was out of control. Krish locked the door behind and walked up to the other room to check on karthik.

3 hours after the hangover…

Everything had come to an end. Raghav was lying naked on the bed totally exhausted. Krish was lying beside Joe in the other bed.

Karthik was in the other room lying in the bed totally unconscious.

Everything had finally settled.



 Somewhere in the middle of the night between the 3rd and 5th hour of the hangover…

Karthik opened his eyes…

He was strolling in the garden.

“Hello… you a local?” he heard a voice.

And when he turned, his eyes met hers.

“Umm… no!! I’m a visitor too…” he smiled

“Oh… that’s ok…” she turned to leave.

“But i can still show you around… i know a few place around here”

“My name is…” she was saying something but his vision was blurring out, he felt his eyes shutting aginst his will.

It was dark… and then a moment later, his eyes opened.

“That’s the cliff point… the view is breathtaking…” he heared himself say and the girl was right besides him holding his hand.

“I wonder how a kiss feels like at such a breathtaking view point??” she winked at him with a naughty smile.

Both of them jogged upto the cliff point and karthik’s eyes blacked out once again.

After a few seconds… his eyes opened.

“It was wonderful with you… here is my number… call me…”she said as she kissed him on the cheek before she bade a bye.

“I’ll be waiting…”she said as she walked away.

“Wait where are you going…?”He called out to her. He ran behind her but him wasnt moving at all. She started fading out of sight. Karthik ran harder but he wasnt moving at all. Her image faded completely. Karthik ran harder and all of a sudden the ground beneath him disappeared. He found himself jump off the cliff. He was falling, the distance between him and the earth diminishing. And the moment his face met the ground. He tossed off the bed waking up all of sudden. His eyes were wide open; he was at the hotel, his heart pounding hard. He looked around. There was no one around. He thought about the dream he had. Surprisingly, he didnt remember anything but the girl’s smile. He smiled, rejoicing the dream he had.

5 hours 15 minutes after the hangover…

Karthik was standing outside the room. His mind was filled with that one particular scene he remembered of his dream. He wanted to find that girl but he felt helpless. He had nothing in his hand. He knew nothing about that girl. He just stood there staring at the birds in the garden. Raghav walked upto him

“So… whats with this new girl you have been talking about?” stretching out his arms, he yarned.

“Nothing mans… just a stupid dream!!”

“Hmmm… you are going after this girl, arent you!?”  Raghav smiled.

“Huh?! Why do you think i would??” karthik was confused.

“Coz that’s what you do!! Always!!”

“Well look at who is talking… Mr.i’ve-moved-on!!”

“”Ok… Yes… I haven’t moved on! The thing…..”Raghav was saying something but karthik wasnt listening to him. His thoughts were somewhere else.

What was he doing? He thought. Where was he going on with this love of the life thing? He would always end up meeting the wrong girl. He knew that for sure. But this one was out of hand. He was thinking about a girl whom he had never seen and knew nothing about. He had just met her in his dream. That moment he decided something.

“…… I don’t think about her anymore” raghav was still talking.

“You know what bro. i’m seriously done with this thing! Let’s leave this here! i am not going to search for any random girl i just met in my dream or believe that she is going to be the love of my life.” karthik said.

Raghav smiled at him.

They stood there for a while

“Hell of night man!!”Raghav said.

“Yeah… it sure was one hell of a night!”

The end!

The amatorial nemesis: part 1

it was a dark night and the sky was cloudy, rain was a foretold guest yet to come. John was lying in his bed, with his eyes wide open. Something was disturbing him and apparently there was nothing he could do but try and get used to it. He missed her, for he knew no else could make him feel this way but her. While being messed up with his thoughts, he heard some noise far away, gradually the noise grew as his mind traversed back to reality and he realized that it was his cell phone.
“hello, Mr. Watson, its Marshall, sorry to disturb you at this hour, but there is a situation, sir”
“what’s my concern?, officer.”
“we have just been reported about a body, found in the valley woods…”
“i’ll be there”
He hung up even before the officer could describe the entire scenario.

The farm house was surrounded by patrol cars, dog squads were busy searching for clues around the area and  the forensic team that had arrived at the scenario was working on the their subject.
“i have never seen such a thing in my life” one mate remarked, as he carefully traced the foot print off the floor
“well, sure this is one hell of a murder” snapping a picture, another guy commented.
“what do you think could be the motive?”
“could be revenge, love affair  or who knows a psychopath”
“yeah, she sure did cheat on her boyfriend, look at these marks around her thighs, these are repeated patterns,  some sharp object could be a claw or something! Her stomach is totally worn off. Must have been the guys best friend, she cheated on, i am just hoping to see another corpse in a while now!” david chuckled.
Just when john walked into the room,
“what’s the status?” he asked a mate.
“female victim, must be around 25, status unknown but i hav sent her picture to fetch the details.”
“how bad is it?”
“stripped naked, her stomach and thigh flesh are dug out and her neck is snapped backwards.” an officer listed out.
“what do you think?” kneeling down, examining the body.
“nothing sure for now, sir. It could be anything, i think it could be a love affair”
John wasnt listening to what the mate was telling, he looked intently over the body, his eyes examining the wounds and blood spattered around. His mind was interpreting the odds and possiblities.
“anything suspiciously interesting?”
“yes sir, the left eye is missing!”
“any other evidence you could possibly find?”
“you must see this, the killer must have written it before he left, the blood with which he has written is from the victim.” pointing to a wall,david said.
John moved forward near the wall, spelling the words in a husky voice. “for my love”
“it could be her boyfriend” david added.
Without a word, john walked out of the room.

On his way back, john had his thoughts circling around again. Slipping a puff of his favorite cigar, he drove his car through those thoughts.

“that isn’t fair daddy, eve is cheating, don’t you see it” max’s  voice rang in his ears. he loved the 7year old.
“i am not cheating you liar, you don’t know the rules of this game, why dont you tell him the rules daddy!” eve said.
“you seriously suck as an elder sister, eve” max grunted.
“yeah whatever, kiddo” eve teased him back.
“games over kids, lunch time, look what mommy has made for you” rachel opened the basket. They were on a picnic on a summer holiday. Life was so wonderful back then. He missed eve, sometimes, he would meet her at the college and that was all.
He wanted to meet them, he felt the need to. The car stopped, john walked out to the door and knocked on it. There wasn’t a reply, he knocked again and after sometime, the door opened behind which he saw Rachel.
“hey…” she was surprised to see him, the surprise not being so very pleasant.
” i was on my way home, thought I would drop by to say a hi” he hesitated.
“how are you john? What are you doing here at this time of the night? Are you ok?” she was concerned. atleast to him, it was so.
“no.. no.. nothing serious… mind if I come in?”
“oh… I’m so sorry, come in” and the door closed.
“isn’t steve home?” john asked her.
“no.. he’s out of town on a business trip.”
“are the kids asleep?”
“eve is at her friend’s and max is sleeping in his room, tiring day… you know” she smiled.
Max was lying in his bed covered up with his bedspread. John leaned forward and kissed him
“hey champ” he whispered in his ears. The child was in a sound asleep unaware of what was happening.
“I think you should leave john, it’s late”
“hmmm” and the next min, they were standing at her doorstep.
“are you free this Saturday?”  he asked her.
“ummm… steve and I have a few plans for the weekend. I’m sorry john” she had almost underlined the irony of her statement.
“oh… hmm…” he walked away. He realised how stupid his question was. He had already lost her, it was a try in vain. Before she closed the door, she heard a voice “I’m sorry Rachel”
“good night john” she said.
“good night rachel” he said and drove away.
The next day, at the police department, was like every other day. David was making his way to the chief’s cabin, when he accidentally bumped into john on his way.
“any news about that girl, david?” john asked him as he walked past david. Matching his pace, david referred one of the files in his hands “yes sir, Jessica adison, age 25, lives in 234-c. saint mark street with her grandmother, parents- both dead, no siblings, is a waitress at joe’s fast food.”
“what else?”
“she was, apparently single over year now and her previous relationship was not so very interesting for the resources say that she was the one who actually got dumped.”
“what do you think?”
“This girl was not much of an active kind in her college and has not many friends to hang out with, which shortens our search. According to her grand ma, this girl was more of a silent one. I don’t think she has done anything to provoke someone to murder her and she was the only one to support the family and there isn’t any family background which again brings us to the conclusion that there could be no motive of killing to get any valuable assets”
“what about the forensics report?”
“Oh yeah regarding that, Dr. grey is waiting at your desk to talk about it” david said.
John walked straight into his cabin as david left him.
“good morning Dr. grey, what do we have on this case.?”
“good morning john, here is the report, you might wanna have a look at it.” She said handing over a file and a few photos “I don’t think it is just a murder, look at these pictures.” She pointed out to a few photos. “these cuts, you see, are made by some sharp metal object but it isn’t a knife, it is rather small.”
“like a penknife?”
“could be possible, she was actually tortured before she was killed.”
“how do you say that?”
“look at these cuts on the thigh. There are five deep cuts and each one is a clear straight cut, supposingly if the killer just wanted to kill her, he would have run his tool randomly rather than just making such straight lines and it is common sense to cut the throat to kill and not in the thigh. do you see the blood that is all around? Blood flow was rapid when the cut was made indicating active heartbeat. She was tortured and left there to die.”
“what about the missing eye?”
“that is my point of suspiscion! The killer’s rage is seen all throughout the victim’s body but not in the eye. He actually managed to take it out carefully.”
“what do you mean?”
“if he had stabbed at the eye then, there must have been an irregularity but the cut is clean. He first sliced off the eye lid and after carefully taking the eye out; he cut the veins at an optimal length”
“like he could use the eye for a transplant?”
“Of course, he could” she said.
“The red marks on the hands and legs actually suggest that she was tied”
“hmmm… thank you Dr.grey !” he said and she left. John went busy with his thoughts. Manipulating every single detail he had heard and observed in this case.  Lighting a cigar, he stood by the window interpreting the evidences.
“hey john..” he heard voice, he knew better who it was.
“lexi… what brings you here?” rubbing the butt in the ash tray, he said.
“you of course!” she smiled wickedly as she seated herself on the desk crossing her legs. “you have a case it seems?” she asked.
“yeah… a murder or should I say a
“oh… that sounds interesting, how much you been through”
“the killer ripped her stomach, sliced her thigh, snapped her neck, and pulled out her left eye cut short version: tortured the woman to death, and above all this, we have a statement “for my love’ ”
“wow, a hard core romeo!, intresting!”
“the statement wasn’t  meant for the victim, for she has been dormant in relationships for a while according to the sources, could be a secret boyfriend and chances are there she cheated on him, but this girl has had more of  a solitude life with her grandma. Nothing makes sense” john wasn tensed but the fact that nothing actually made sense, irritated him.
“hmmm… it sure doesn’t but don’t worry, you will find a way through”
“let’s hope I do” he leaned in his wheelchair.

the view was a delightful one from where the killer was standing. People were enjoying the night at the club, vodka shots running down thirsty throats, lusty eyes  gleaming with desire and greed, half of the crowd for girls and the rest for money, but amidst them was a man, hardly humane from inside, his only desire being blood. The killer’s eyes were fixed on his prey, he had been following her over a month now and he had gathered enough about her. Despite being seated three tables away, he could tell what the name of the lip gloss she was wearing. He wanted to taste her blood so badly. The very thought of it gave him an erection, her blonde hair, it remained him of how much he loved someone.

Izzy walked to the desk “hey stella, don’t look but I think the guy on the third table is watching you.” Leaning against the desk with a beer bottle in hand, her friend smiled.
“yeah I know, I’ve noticed him already” she smiled, sipping some scotch from the glass she l at the guy.
“he kind of looks cute, doesn’t he?” she whispered to izzy’s ears.
“you gonna hook up with him?”
“depends on how the night turns out to be.” Stella winked at her as izzy moved in to the dance floor with her new friend, Ted she met a while ago at the bar.
The killer walked up to her. “hey.. I am George”
“I’m stella” and the game was on.
After a while, izzy saw stella leave the bar with the guy and she knew what stella had in her mind.
The car made a halt in the middle of a forest, in front of a small chalet.
“is this where you live?” stella asked him.
He didn’t speak a word, but his eyes were boring down on her.
“where are we?” she asked again uncertain of what else to ask. She knew what he was thinking, and she could already feel the heat in the atmosphere. His eyes were fixed on her and then it begun with a paroxysm. They kissed each other pushing their tongues down the other’s throat. His hands where running around her back, quickly moving up her blonde hair, curling them in his fist, he pulled her head back.
“I want you” he smelled her, running his wet tounge over her throat while his other hand had unlocked the glovebox, opened the toolkit and pulled out a scalpel.
Stella caught the shine of the lustrous metal in the moonlight and even before she realized it coming through, she jerked back on the door missing the scalpel by an inch away from her eyes slicing a deep cut on her nose. Blood gushed out at high pace. She screamed out in agony desperately trying to kick herself out of his reach, the killer fell back and then he pulled her by the leg while she made untiring efforts to open the door but it was locked. Ramming her hand against the glass pane, she broke open and hurried out pushing her legs against the killer.
She was almost out of the car when she felt a sharp blow on her thigh, the scalpel was dug on her thigh and the killer dragged the scalpel and her legs and with an enormous effort, managed to pull her inside. Pieces of the broken pane creased her stomach making her to turn over in agony. The killer moved his scalpel around her waist tearing it open and then ran it randomly all over. Blood gushed out uncontrollably. The girl was shivering in pain, her abdomen went numb as the pain she felt was beyond the limits an average person could undergo. Even after ripping her apart so badly, the killer’s face showed no signs of satisfaction, he looked at her, she was unconscious, he pushed his hand into her wound, nibbling his fingers further up he touched her lungs, squeezed them, she screamed and then she choked, it was a loud shriek. looking at her, he smiled. And then, winding his fingers around a few viens, with a vigorous force, he pulled them out. The entire forest went in a state of horror to the agonistic scream of the poor woman.

to be continued…


C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_i-MWPsKkK-LIt was a splendid evening at the cafe, a wonderful place to spend sometime and forget every thing for a while. It was 6:30pm and Rohan was seated at a corner table. It was as if he was waiting for someone. From where he was seated, he could see a young man across the hall, on the right side, near the window. He seemed to be familiar to Rohan. That guy was dressed in his best, he seemed excited and he was constantly checking his watch and the front door. He was waiting for someone.

On the left side across the hall, Rohan saw a girl, she looked pale and sad. She dailed a number on her cell phone, she held it near her ear for a while, then she placed it down and then her eyes turned towards the door, she was expecting someone too.

then a young girl walked through the door. She was looking gorgeous and her face couldn’t hide the excitement she had. Her eyes ran through each and every table at the café and finally, her face brightened. She saw her date sitting by the window, waiting for her.
She caught him, looking at his reflection in the window, checking if his hairstyle was ok. He was pretty nervous, she could see that. And man, did she already like this guy way too much. Walking over to the table she stood in front of him.
“hi..” Her voice was gentle.
The moment the guy turned towards her, he felt as though he had literally skipped a beat. She was ridiculously beautiful.
He managed a staggering “hi..” He stood up to pull her chair, comforted her and looked at her as he sat.
“you’re looking gorgeous!!” His voice was a whisper and She blushed. Both of them knew that the night was going to be a long one.

Across the hall, the girl was still waiting for someone. She had rung at least five times but there was no reply. Almost frustrated, she stood up to leave when a guy walked in.
The guy walked up to him,
“where have you been?? It’s been an hour since i came here!”
He knew that She was upset.
“I’m sorry i was at my office.” He apologised and kissed her on her cheek. It was like as if it was just a kiss. The romance was lost long back.
Both of them sat down.
“where have you been all these days???” She asked him
“I’m sorry… I was a bit busy working, the new manager is a tough guy to handle, I’m working late hours. I’ve told you about that, remember?”
” a bit busy?? It’s been almost a month and a half since we’ve met.”
The young man frowned. Both of them knew that the night was going to be a long one.

“what can i get you sir??” The waiter asked.
Rohan was lost somewhere that he hardly heard the waiter’s voice.
“sir??” The waiter asked again.
his mind jumped back
“oh.. Yeah… A cafe latte please” he said.
“are you sure??” He asked in a doubtful manner.
“yeah… Sure!” Rohan replied.
The cup arrived a while later, his gaze was fixed on the cup. Suddenly he heard a voice
“hey… Wassup??” It was Divya, she pulled a chair opposite to him.
“hey.. Hi… How are you??” He was suprised to see her.
“I’m good, what are we having here, A cafe latte?? Awesome!!” She smiled.
He looked at his cup, “it’s been a long time.. Isn’t it?” He hadn’t taken a sip of it.
“is it?? Isn’t it like you see me here every day?” She laughed. He smiled at her.
“yes… It’s been a long time..” She replied again her smile fading out.
It was going to be a long night.

Back at the table near the window, both of them were having a very good time. She was totally into him and she even knew that he was too.
“that’s my favourite!” She smiled at him.
“then two for the lady please!” The guy smiled at her when the waiter was attending them.
“you know what are the two things special in this cafe today??” He asked her.
“what??” She asked him.
“first one is the cafe latte… ” he said.
“and the second one??” She was curious.
“it’s you!” He smiled at her and she blushed red as roses.

But the table across the hall had something totally different.
“we don’t meet much, you don’t spend much time with me, you don’t return my calls, it is really hard for me to take all this all alone!!” the girl spoke helplessly.
“I’m sorry baby… I really want to be with you but i hardly have time after that double shift.”
“it’s not like before… Things have gone way to far!” She had something to say.
“my dad is looking for a groom… Today he gave these photos!” She threw a few photos on the table.
He went through those photos, “what’s the hurry anyway??” he didn’t expect this coming through.
“how long do you expect them to wait?? I’m 28 already!!”
“what do you want me to do??” He said. There was hint of frustration in his voice.
“its time that we spoke to my parents!” She said.
He didn’t speak a word.
“what’s the matter??” She asked him.
“i cannot do this right now!!!”
“why??” She had lost her patience.
“i wanna get settled in life first!”
“who is stopping you?, I am just saying that we get married, that’s all! Nothing is going to change!”
“you don’t understand… things will change!” he wasn’t listening to her.
“I don’t wanna get married right now, I haven’t thought about this yet and moreover, marriage is the last thing i would want to think about, at this point of time, in my life!” He said.
“why is that every time we talk it is always about you and only your life! You never give importance to me!” Her voice rose.
The argument was heating up.

Back at the table, Rohan was talking to Divya.
“so… How is your life Divya??” Rohan asked her.
“it’s awesome!! I’m just living it to the fullest!! Hows your job??” she asked.
“I’m the manager now!”he said.
“that is great!!” She smiled.
He looked at her for a while, “i miss you..”
“hmm… I’m sorry..” She said.
“i just want things back to the way they used to be!” Rohan felt bad about what ever had happened.
“but this is what you wanted Rohan.. Isn’t it???” She said.
He remained silent for a while before saying anything.
“I’m sorry…” He said.
“don’t be Rohan… It’s just that we wanted different things in life!” She said.
it was 8pm,
“well… I had a nice time with you.. I think i should leave…” He hadn’t taken a sip of that cup yet.
“well… You are leaving early today??” She said.
“huh?? How do you say that??” He was confused.
“every day you leave at 11pm, it’s a bit early today.” She said.
“huh?” But i just met you today!” Rohan was confused.
She took a deep breath before she started.
“Rohan… This conversation happened 4 years back.” She said.
Rohan sat back.
“look around… There is no body in here! Every body is gone! You were sitting alone at this cafe all this time.” she said.
At that moment, Rohan found himself slowly drifting back to reality. The entire cafe was empty. People had left, it was 10:00pm.
Meanwhile, she continued “and that…” She pointed to the couple near the window “happened 10 years ago,” it was Rohan and Divya, they were on their first date.
“and that….” She pointed to the table across the hall, “happened 5 years back” it was the last time Rohan saw her before she got married.
” right now, i am in America, living a happy life with two wonderful kids and a caring husband. this entire conversation happened 4 years back, when we accidentally met each other after my marriage, the rest of the evening is just your imagination” she said.
Rohan was at a loss of words.
“there are many precious moments in life… you should never let go of them, you caught the first one”
Both of them looked at their past near the window.

“i think I’m falling for you!” Rohan held Divya’s hand in his as he said those three words.
“i love you…” He said. Divya was so happy that a tear drop slipped out.
“so am i… I love you Rohan..” She said. It was a night he could never forget.

“but you missed the second one!” She said and Their eyes were at the table across the hall.

“what do you want me to do now???” Rohan was out of control.
“i want an answer!!” She was in tears yet she was determined.
Rohan sat there thinking between to extremities in his life, he had to make a decision. And then he said those three words.
“let’s break up…”
Divya’s eyes welled up as she took in those words, without a word she left the place. It was a night he could never forget.

“had you missed the first moment, the second one wouldn’t have existed. You wouldn’t be standing here watching all this. Had you caught the second moment, you would still not be standing here watching all this. But, i guess, fate had different things coming up for you.”
“you haven’t moved on Rohan… You are still holding on to that one memory… let it go… It’s time that you did…” She said as she disappeared.
Rohan sat there thinking about how his life had shaped till here. He looked at his cup, it was empty. At that moment he realised how similar was his life to that cup.
Placing the cup on the table, he walked out.

“excuse me sir??? You there!! You haven’t paid for your cafe latte!” The waiter shouted when a lady pulled the waiter back and held him a 50 rupee note.
“that’s for his cafe latte, keep the change.” She looked at her watch, it was 6:35pm and then she walked after Rohan.
Totally confused, the waiter returned to the counter to pay the bill.
His mate was standing at the counter.
“i don’t understand what ever is going on over here.” He said to his mate.
“why?? What happen??” The mate asked him.
“there is this guy who comes to the cafe every day at this time and sits exactly at that table over there and orders cafe latte everyday. Then, this lady walks up to him and talks to him for while. And as far as I’ve heard their conversation, they seem to talk the same thing over and over again. And then this guy leaves the cafe after 5 minutes without paying. And this lady pays for him. The strange fact is, that he never even takes a sip of what he orders.”
“oh you mean her? I know her, she is suganya that guy’s wife!”
“what??? But I’ve seen him call her by the name Divya!!” The waiter was even more confused.
“actually, that guy is mentally retarded, one day his wife came to me and told me about her husband’s condition and asked me if i could help her out with this problem. And from that day till now, this woman comes here everyday at this time and the same thing happens again and again.”

life is to short to miss special moments, once they are gone, they are gone. if you have it, you’d rejoice about it for the rest of your life, if you miss it, then its all regret. But the worst is part is when you don’t even know to what extent you are actually regretting it!!! Don’t let REGRET rejoice YOUR life!

I am sorry about wat ever is going on between us… Part 3

“sanjeev!!! Get ready… We’re getting late…” Radhika was packing her clothes, the whole family was going for the wedding.
“the first to get in the car gets an ice cream!!” Ajay knew how to handle the kids, he loved them very much as much as they did.
“You seem excited!” radhika’s face held a smile Ajay couldn’t leave  unnoticed.
“yeah… My two best friends are getting married tomorrow!” Radhika’s enthusiasm was obvious.
“best friends?? So it’s going to be like a re-union! You’ll get a chance to meet all your friends! It feels good when old memories are refreshed isn’t it?”
The smile on radhika’s face faded, she realised something that moment, the fear of facing the past she had once left behind, the memories she had buried long ago. She wasn’t ready to face it, she knew she would never be.
“yeah… It does” she said with a hint of sorrow Ajay failed to understand.
Ajay was happy for her. Despite being a good dad, Ajay was caring husband too, he had never refused anything that radhika had ever asked him, radhika hardly asked him anything, but even that mattered alot to him. He always tried to make her happy but radhika was always subtle. At first Ajay tried to cheer her up but later on with time , he realised that it was radhika’s nature and stopped feeling bothered about it. Yet he loved her alot.

By evening they had reached the place, Meena welcomed the family with a warm smile and after a while, the family settled in their room.
Radhika was unpacking her things when Ajay came near her.
“hey… It’s your friend’s marriage, Why don’t you go out and spend sometime with them, I’ll take care of the kids”
“thanks..” radhika smiled “but are you sure??”
He patted her shoulder and smiled.
Radhika walked out of her room to meet meena. On her way, she met many of her old friends. As she walked up to her friend’s room, her eyes were nimbling  every where, as if they were searching something… Or Someone… Despite the fear of facing the past, her heart raced on the very thought of even looking back at it, she was curious, her mind was restless, her eyes were desperately searching him everywhere. The feeling was difficult to be understood but she loved the rush of adrenaline she felt that moment. She wanted to meet him.
She reached Meena’s room and found her upset.
“i can’t believe this! This dress, I’ve been wanting to wear all these days is small for me now!”meena cried. “i bought this dress 2 years back!! back then it was a bit tight but i thought I’d fit in perfectly later on! But now, it’s very small for me!!!”
Radhika helped in arranging all the other dresses that were on the floor. Meanwhile, meena walked out to see Dinesh.
Radhika realised something, confronting the past after all these years, wasn’t going to make things any better, the fact that meena’s dress was not a fit for her was behind the scene until she confronted it again after two years. It was a mistake, all of a sudden she didn’t want to do this, her curiosity faded and suddenly she felt scared, she didn’t want to meet him at all.  Just when she was finished packing the dresses, she heard a voice.
“can you tell me where is meena??”
She turned around and she regretted the very moment that she hadn’t.
“Radhika..” It was Arjun.
“Arjun…” Her voice choked.
Finally, the moment had come, the past she had been regretting about all these days, was standing right in front of her. Nothing had changed, she was still the same girl who was once madly in love with the guy whom she had left ten years back. She felt weak and helpless.
“how are you?” Arjun asked her. The guy hadn’t changed much, not much of a thick beard and a bit of grey hair around the ear were the only changes visible. He was still admirable, the spark in his eyes were still eminent.
“yeah… I’m good…” She managed to say that.
“you have changed..” He looked at her in surprise.
“but you haven’t…” She looked at him, “not much…”
Both of them walked up to the terrace and they talked, talked and talked even more. Time seemed to have stopped, the talk was endless.
It was 12am in the morning when radhika walked back into her room. She was happy, all of sudden, things seemed to have changed, she felt young. That night she couldn’t sleep. She was thinking about him. She realised how much he loved her and how blind she was all these days, she had realised the mistake she had made.
The following morning, everybody gathered at the hall.
Radhika had dressed to her best and so had Arjun.
“aren’t you gonna say anything about how i look??” Radhika asked him.
“am i just hallucinating or is it you who gets hotter everyday?” Arjun smiled at her.
They were so happy with the life they were living now.
Arjun held her tighter and whispered in her ears.”so what’s the plan for the night??” And she slapped him gently on his face.
“I’ve realised what I’ve been missing all the years… I’m so sorry…” Radhika said to him and coiled her hands around his arm.
“I’m glad everything is fine now.”he said.
“so when are we leaving??” Arjun asked her.
“tonight will be the night, lets begin a new life!!!” Radhika said.
The marriage was awesome. Radhika was very happy, she had never been so happy in her life.
That night…
 Arjun held her in his arms, kissed her and pushed her to the bed.
Radhika kissed him passionately, her hands rubbing his chest. It was totally different. He had never seen radhika like this. It went on for long time. And finally it came to end. Both of them were exhausted.
Radhika held him tightly
“i love you… Ajay”  she said and he held her even more close.
A few miles away from the wedding hall, in a resort. Arjun lay exhausted in the bed.
“i love you… Arjun” the woman, he had just made love to, said and cuddled him.

Radhika felt happy that she had that talk the last night.
The previous night at the terrace.
“how is life radhika??” Arjun asked her.
“it’s good.. I’m married… And I have two kids..” She said. Arjun nodded and silence followed.
“I’m sorry… Arjun… I’m really sorry for what ever that was going on between us…” Radhika felt responsible for what ever happened.
“don’t be radhika… Just Don’t be…” Arjun said.

Radhika remembered the day they broke up. that evening, they were at the lake.
“i love you…” Arjun said. “i really do… Radhika”
“Arjun… I cannot do this… I’m sorry…” She said.
“do you know why i asked you for this one last day… I believed that i could change your mind, by making you realize what a big mistake you are making. By making you realise how much i love you.. How much i want you to be with me… But i guess.. It isn’t happening… I failed…”
“Arjun.. I’m really sorry about whatever is going on between us..” Was all she could say  before he stood up to leave.
“don’t  be radhika… Just don’t be…” Was the last thing she heard him say as he walked off.

Now, She felt very bad for what she had done.
Just then a woman walked up to them.
“hey baby… I was searching for you everywhere” she hugged Arjun.
“radhika… This is shruthi.. My wife…” He said.
“hi…” The woman was energetic. She shook hands with radhika.
“I’ll  be waiting in the room… Be back soon..”she said as she waved a bye to both of them.
After she left, they looked at each other,  it seemed like things had changed, not a few, but almost everything had changed.
“she is pretty!!” Radhika said.

“we met four years back. after you… I couldn’t think about a relationship, but shruti.. She changed everything…” He said.
“funny that certain things are never meant to be where we actually expect them to be” he spoke again.
“yeah… I know” radhika nodded.
“look at you… I mean… You seem to be very happy with your life… A loving husband, two kids,.. Life must be rocking isn’t it??” He asked.
“yes it is… Ajay does care a lot about me” and that’s when she realised what a big mistake she had made, how blindly had she been living all these years. She had lost the love of her life, but she failed to understand that life must move on, no matter what. She had been destroying her present thinking about how wonderful would it have been if the past had continued for the rest of her life. She failed to see how beautiful her present was. Of course, life would have been awesome had she married Arjun, but it wasn’t worse with Ajay. She just failed to understand how awesome her life was with Ajay.
That night she realised how madly should she be in love with Ajay.
She walked up to her room. Ajay was asleep, so were the kids.
She lay besides him, thinking about how much this guy cared about her.
The next morning.
Radhika walked up to Ajay,
“aren’t you gonna say anything about how i look??” Radhika asked him.
“wonderful as ever” Ajay smiled at her.

“am i just hallucinating or is it you who gets hotter everyday?” Arjun smiled at shruti.
Radhika and Arjun were so happy with the life they were living now.
Arjun held her tighter and whispered in her ears.”so what’s the plan for the night??” And shruti slapped him gently on his face.
“somebody is quite happy today…” Ajay looked at radhika.
“I’ve realised what I’ve been missing all the years… I’m so sorry…” Radhika said to him and coiled her hands around his arm.
“hmm… I’m glad everything is fine now.”Ajay said.
“so when are we leaving??” Arjun asked her.
“we’ll leave tonight… I have booked the resort” shruti smiled at him.
“it feels good to see you happy…” Ajay held her close.
“tonight will be the night, lets begin a new life!!!” Radhika said.

Sometimes, in life, we worry too much about things we’ve lost and destroy the things we already have in it. Life is so precious and you get to live it only once. Stop worrying… Start living…

“i am sorry about what ever was going on between us..” She held Ajay closer than ever and never let go of him, ever.

                       THE END

10 commandments for a perfect relationship

Well guys, talking about relationships, everybody has a problem with their girl friend. Here are some commandments for a perfect relationship!

Commandment #1:
When you are in a relationship, foremost thing with utmost importance is being faithful to your girl.
Exhibit A: Down the street with your gf, you sight a hotty across the road. What do you do?
1. You ogle at the beauty with your souls stretching out to her.
2. You pretend to be a gentleman when you are actually not. You talk some bullshit to your girl about the environment, probably about the weather or the grocery shop past the beauty, making it very obvious that you are a jerk.
3. You are actually a gentleman and you probably didn’t notice the hotty at all/she wasn’t a hotty at all(p.s. Please see a psychatrist & may god help you 😢)
If you are the third one, there is seriously nothing  down there that is meaningful to your senses, you may please go visit some other blog!
There lies the problem! Guys are actually innocent, they cannot pretend to have not done something when they have done it, unlike girls who can pretend the hell out of Gwyneth Paltrow. (no offence ladies 😇)
For those, who have this problem can refer to the 57th commandment. (thou shall ogleth thy hotty nay admire her assets whilst thou induceth a hint of surprise in thy love’s mind) we’ll get on that later.
Talking about hotties, you might have some of them as your friends or should i say “you ended up being friends with them” cause previously, you failed making a hopeless shot and later on understood the fact that they were way out of your league and realised that they might be useful for posting a few clicks over Facebook/twitter. I know guys, it happens.
 Well, back on to the issue, for those who have friends like that, you’d better stay away from those girls when you are in a relationship. Cause they are the sleeper cells, you’ll never know when they might boom!
It goes like this
Your gf: “whose that girl you were talking to, down the street, a while ago.”
You: “who? That girl? Just a friend, baby”
Your gf: “oh.. Just a friend? Didn’t seem so to me! I was watching you guys all the time, you were totally hitting on her”
(if the girl was hotter than your gf, irrespective of what ever you were talking to that girl)
Your gf:  “oh.. Just a friend? Didn’t seem so to me! I was watching you all the time,she was totally hitting on you”
(if your gf was hotter than the girl,irrespective of what ever you were talking to that girl)

And that’s how it starts!
Be careful guys!

  Well an ex is probably not a big issue, unless & until she remains an ex in your life, meaning ” she doesn’t exist in your present”.  Being still friends with your ex is like asking your kidnappers to drop by someday for a friendly chat after they let go of you. Having your ex in your life might make your girl feel insecure about her relationship, she might feel like being on the hook. A constant fear of losing you to your ex. On the other hand, having an ex back in your life again proves to be an advantage if your girl friend is a freaking lunatic, mark my words, you’ll love it when the bitches fight.

I am sorry about wat ever is going on between us… Part 2

Like every other day, Radhika had an active morning. Kids were off to school and Ajay to work. Just as she finished her breakfast, she heard a knock, it was Dinesh.
“Dinesh! What a surprise? How are you?” It was a surprise indeed, radhika hadn’t met her college friends for a while and meeting Dinesh after such a long time indeed cheer her up.
“actually, I’m not alone” Dinesh was about to say more when Meena stepped besides him.
“oh my… meena!! It’s been a long time”
Dinesh and meena were her best friends in college. Radhika was so pleased to see them together.
“oh my god!! I don’t believe.. its you guys!! Where have you been all these days??” Radhika asked them as they walked in.
“c’mon radhika! YOU got married, moved in with your life, YOU got busy with your life with the kids! Madam!!!” Dinesh mocked her. It was true, after getting married, Radhika moved away from her friends. She didn’t want anyone or any thing that reminded the past she wanted to forget.
“ok fine!! Fine!! I am sorry!! So how are you guys?? What brings you guys here all of a sudden??”
“actually.. Radhika.. We are getting married next month!”
“OMG!! What?? Really???” Radhika was shocked nay surprised. This was something she had never expected. None of those who knew them would ever expect this. Dinesh and Meena broke up three times when they were in college. None of their friends ever thought that they were supposed to be with each other, ever.
“here is the invitation!” She pulled out an envelope from her bag.
Radhika smiled at them, but the thing was bugging her. This was totally unexpected.
“i still cannot believe you guys are getting married. How did it happen?” She couldn’t stop herself from asking it.
” i know,  you are not the only person to have asked this question and you’re not the only person to whom i have given this answer. I guess, we were supposed to be with each other” she coiled Dinesh’s arm.
“she never gave up on us! That’s what led us till here!”, had it not been her, we wouldn’t have lasted this long.” Dinesh said.
“oh no.. He is just being nice, the truth is… He never gave up on me” meena broke in.
“no that isn’t true” Dinesh reciprocated.
All of a sudden, both of them seem so perfect for each other, at least to radhika they seemed to be perfect.
That night when radhika was in lying in her bed, she recalled what Dinesh said earlier that  morning. “she didn’t give up on us!”  

Had she not given up on him that day, Had she not left him that, had she changed her mind that evening, things would have been totally different. Had she…

“where are we going Arjun?” She was confused.
“to re-live every single moment of our life for one last time!” Arjun sounded excited.
“but..” Before she could say anything, Arjun broke in “wait, i have a list of things i wanted to do when I’m with you, we can do all that today!!!”
She felt helpless and sad, she really didn’t want to leave him “this is stupid Arjun… ” she touched his face “please… Don’t kill yourself like this”
“oh c’mon, forget that we are breaking up this evening, we are just two freakies madly in love, and lets have a new rule, every time one of us feels sad today, he/she takes a shot of vodka!”
He took out a bottle of vodka from his car.
“what!?!, that’s insane” radhika said.
“so are we going to be today! Here take a shot.” Arjun winked.
“but i have never drunk this thing before” she hesitated.
“which explains the reason why its on my to do list. Well… get radhika drunk! Check! C’mon, we don’t have much time!! Quick let the baby run down your throat!!”
She looked at him for a while and the next second she felt the burning sensation down her throat. That was the first time she ever got drunk.
They went to every single place they had been to, the bowling alley, the temple, the disco club and many other places which arjun had listed in his to do list.
They were at the temple.
“i can’t believe that i just walked into a temple half drunk.” Radhika said. The vodka had started it’s work, she was feeling dizzy.
 “I’m so nailing it!! ain’t i??” She wasn’t steady but she did manage to pretend very well that she was steady. Both of them walked to the spot where arjun had first proposed her. They sat against the same pillar where once they both were.
“i can never forget this place” radhika said holding Arjun’s hand. She remembered the day he proposed her at this same place.
It was just another fine day, they were with  Dinesh and meena who had just got back after their first break up.
” I’m so happy for them” radhika said as she saw Dinesh & meena happily lighting oil lamps.
“yeah… I never thought that they would get back together!”
“yeah… Sometimes, you just don’t know who is the one that is made for you and everything just happens all of a sudden, boom!!! Crazy isn’t it??”
And the very next minute Arjun kissed her right in her lips.
“just like this! Crazy Isn’t it??” Arjun said. Radhika was still in a state of shock, the kiss was so instantaneous, that she couldn’t bring herself out of that. She looked around to see if some one had seen them kissing, luckily none did.
“yes, radhika, i love you!” Arjun was looking right into her eyes.
She didn’t speak a word, of course she was blushing, her cheeks were red, she was smiling uncontrollably.
“well, I’d take that as a YES! Thank you!” He winked.

It was like as if everything happened yesterday. She looked at him , she could never love anyone this much, ever.
“oh no… You definitely need a shot right now! Here, take this!” He slipped in a tiny bottle.
“no!! Seriously??? Here?? you’ve got to be kidding me!” Her eyes almost popped out.
“yep!!” He winked.
Then they went up to the near by hill station they had once been to.
It was a bit of a long drive and radhika fell asleep as she was half dizzy, the reason being the vodka shots.
Arjun woke her up.
“you’ve seriously got to be kidding me!!” She was spellbound, “mother of god!!! When did you drive me here?”
Arjun just smiled and opened the door to let her out of the car.
They walked over to the same spot where they once stood, surrounded by exotic romance in the air. Arjun remembered that day exactly the way it was.
They had been here, a year ago, with meena. She was having a rough time after her break up with Dinesh.
“jeez… I feel terribly sorry for meena, she is really having a bad time” radhika said as she walked out of the car. Meena was asleep in the car.
“yeah, it was worse this time, i don’t think they’ll patch up ever again!” Arjun said. Both of them walked up to a tea stall near by. The area was filled with mist and both of them were feeling the chillness.
“yeah, i think its over between them.” She said as she got the cup and walked up to the other side of the road from where they could see the entire city below.
“funny that certain things are never meant to be where we actually expect them to be” she said and sipped some tea.
“you mean like how your lips aren’t supposed to stay on the cup but are supposed to be on mine considering the weather condition and the romance in the air??” He smiled wickedly and embraced her from behind.
“be careful mister, once you have them, you’re gonna regret for the rest of your life” radhika said as she nuzzled into him.


“oh my god… I guess i need a shot now.” Arjun walked over to the car.
“what happened?” Radhika asked him.
“it’s freezing here. That’s why!” He said.
Taking a shot, he looked at her, she was  standing  by the rocks. He loved her way too much and He just didn’t want to lose her.
By the end of the day, they were totally drunk and were at the lake, it was the last place they were to visit.
This was the place where both of them wanted to be when they were happy or sad. This was a special one.
Radhika and Arjun were seated above a log. Both were blurting out non sense to each other.
Radhika was resting over Arjun’s shoulder. It was the best day she had ever had. A day she would remember till the day she breathed, cherishing every single moment of it, living every single day with the happiness, this one day gave her.
“i love you..” Arjun said. The sun was setting, the reddish orange colour of the sky was at its best to let the couple literally feel the love.
Radhika looked at him.
“i really do,.. Radhika…” He said, he was looking right in her eyes. He loved her, so badly, so very badly.

To be concluded….

I am sorry about wat ever is going on between us…

It was 4:30 in the morning and Radhika was awake. The alarm hadn’t rung, it wasn’t her mate’s snoring that got her up, she didn’t have a nightmare either,  perhaps she rarely had a dream. She lay awake, with her eyes wide open and her mind lost somewhere in the dark. Drifting from one side to the other, she lay down in her bed  with  her husband, Ajay, who was totally unaware of where he was. An hour passed and the alarm beeped, Radhika knew that it was time to get off the bed and do the regulars.
She was making the breakfast, when she overheard a voice.
“mommy, could you help me plait my hair.” It was her daughter sanjana. She tugged on to Radhika’s saree and followed radhika around the kitchen. Placing the dishes in the sink for a wash, she took sanjana to the hall.
“where is sanjeev?” Radhika asked her daughter as she combed her hair.
“sound asleep i guess” she giggled. “ouch” she crinked her face as her mother tightened her hair. Then she got up to see sanjeev.
“SAnjeev… Sanjeev” the second time, a little louder, she shouted and shook sanjeev.
“i dont wanna go to school mommy!” sanjeev pulled the blanket to his face and drifted the other side. She took him in his arms and rushed inside the bathroom.
“please mommy!!!!” sanjeev cried in vain.
“ you’re getting late for school, you’ll miss the bus!!” she helped him brush and bathed him quickly.
Then both the kids were at the dining table, when their dad came to  join them. He was ready for his work. After serving the breakfast, she helped sanjeev wear his shoes when the school bus honked.
She rushed the kids to the bus and held them their lunch boxes. She waved them a bye as the school bus crossed the corner.
Ajay rushed to his car and as he wore the seat belt Radhika held the lunch box to him.
“thanks… “ he said and started his car, he was in a hurry.

Radhika walked back into her apartment, the kids were gone, her husband was off to work. She was alone now.
Life was perfect, the way she would have ever dreamt, She was happy, She had everything she wanted.
She sat on the sofa, switching on the TV. After sometime, her neighbour misses. Khanna, dropped by and the gossip went on for a while until noon and then she went.
It was evening, the kids had come from school. The rest of evening went on with the kids. A little later Ajay was home and everyone had dinner.
It was 10 in the night, the kids were asleep. Radhika and Ajay were in their room, radhika had her eyes closed, had it been a while she would have slept but then she felt a hand around her waist. She knew what she had to do. She turned over to him and it went on for a while. after some time Ajay was asleep. She lay there in the dark, her mind lost in thoughts.  She wasn’t able to sleep, just like the other night, just like every other night. She had everything she wanted or did she pretend it to be that way? Life was perfect, the way she had always dreamt it to be or was it? She was happy or was she? She had two kids, a caring husband, and above all that, a good life, just the way her parents had wanted. Her dad died a 4 years back and her mom, an year later. They were happy, for they had done their duty and given their daughter, a good life. they were satisfied with the life radhika was living, sad that they failed to understand the fact that radhika wasn’t.
She wasn’t forced to marry Ajay, it was her decision, solemnly her decision. A decision that changed her life, a life she was living today. She remembered the day she made this decision, she remembered every inch of that day, for it was engraved deep in her soul, a day she would remember till the last breath of her life.
“please radhika” she could hear his cry. His voice was still ringing in her ears. “i don’t wanna do this… I cannot…”

They were at the cafe coffee day.
Arjun was seated opposite to her. “i cannot do this anymore Arjun, this cannot happen!”
“don’t you see? We are perfect for each other. This isn’t the way it is supposed to end.”
“i know.. Arjun… But Please! I don’t wanna talk about this anymore & i don’t want this anymore either”
“i don’t understand!! what is the matter with you?? Why can’t we be together?”
“we’ve had this discussion before also. My parents will not accept this!”
“oh..  c’mon!! give me a break!” He slammed his fist on the table, all the attention was at their table.
“i’m sorry..” He tried to relax in his chair.
“i am not asking you to elope with me! we can talk to them, convince them. Things will fall in place. I just want you to be with me through this!” He placed his hand on her’s.
 He seriously didn’t want anything else from her but just her support through this. But radhika wasn’t ready for what he was asking for, it was too much for her. She loved him very much but she couldn’t betray her parents. She didn’t want her parents to face the shame of people talking about what their daughter had done. Above all this, She was scared of her dad, a short tempered man with loads of love for his daughter. He cared way to much and wouldn’t dare to kill her if she made a mistake. She wasn’t afraid of getting killed but what if her dad did something to Arjun? She wouldn’t forgive herself for the rest of her life. She wasn’t able to forgive herself till this day for the mistake she had made that day. She regretted it everyday, every single minute for having made that decision that day.
“i cannot go against my parents, I’m sorry…” She tried hard not to cry.
Arjun wasn’t able to take anymore. He had lost his patience  “fine!!” He said and walked away. As he walked out, something struck him, what was he doing? Where was he going? Then, he realised something, he loved this girl way more than anything. This wasn’t why he fell in love with this girl in the first place. he couldn’t let go of everything just like that. She was all what he ever wanted. He couldn’t just break up with her like this. He walked back to her.
“k… You wanted a break up right? Fine,.. We’ll breakup!”
Radhika was confused.
“But not like this! I wanna live every single moment once again, i wanna go to all those places we’ve been to, re-live every single memory, one last time. I wanna be happy.”
He held her hand “one day, radhika! One last day… Lets forget everything & be madly in love with each other.” And before she could say anything, he pulled her out of the cafe coffee day.


to be continued…