I am sorry about wat ever is going on between us… Part 2

Like every other day, Radhika had an active morning. Kids were off to school and Ajay to work. Just as she finished her breakfast, she heard a knock, it was Dinesh.
“Dinesh! What a surprise? How are you?” It was a surprise indeed, radhika hadn’t met her college friends for a while and meeting Dinesh after such a long time indeed cheer her up.
“actually, I’m not alone” Dinesh was about to say more when Meena stepped besides him.
“oh my… meena!! It’s been a long time”
Dinesh and meena were her best friends in college. Radhika was so pleased to see them together.
“oh my god!! I don’t believe.. its you guys!! Where have you been all these days??” Radhika asked them as they walked in.
“c’mon radhika! YOU got married, moved in with your life, YOU got busy with your life with the kids! Madam!!!” Dinesh mocked her. It was true, after getting married, Radhika moved away from her friends. She didn’t want anyone or any thing that reminded the past she wanted to forget.
“ok fine!! Fine!! I am sorry!! So how are you guys?? What brings you guys here all of a sudden??”
“actually.. Radhika.. We are getting married next month!”
“OMG!! What?? Really???” Radhika was shocked nay surprised. This was something she had never expected. None of those who knew them would ever expect this. Dinesh and Meena broke up three times when they were in college. None of their friends ever thought that they were supposed to be with each other, ever.
“here is the invitation!” She pulled out an envelope from her bag.
Radhika smiled at them, but the thing was bugging her. This was totally unexpected.
“i still cannot believe you guys are getting married. How did it happen?” She couldn’t stop herself from asking it.
” i know,  you are not the only person to have asked this question and you’re not the only person to whom i have given this answer. I guess, we were supposed to be with each other” she coiled Dinesh’s arm.
“she never gave up on us! That’s what led us till here!”, had it not been her, we wouldn’t have lasted this long.” Dinesh said.
“oh no.. He is just being nice, the truth is… He never gave up on me” meena broke in.
“no that isn’t true” Dinesh reciprocated.
All of a sudden, both of them seem so perfect for each other, at least to radhika they seemed to be perfect.
That night when radhika was in lying in her bed, she recalled what Dinesh said earlier that  morning. “she didn’t give up on us!”  

Had she not given up on him that day, Had she not left him that, had she changed her mind that evening, things would have been totally different. Had she…

“where are we going Arjun?” She was confused.
“to re-live every single moment of our life for one last time!” Arjun sounded excited.
“but..” Before she could say anything, Arjun broke in “wait, i have a list of things i wanted to do when I’m with you, we can do all that today!!!”
She felt helpless and sad, she really didn’t want to leave him “this is stupid Arjun… ” she touched his face “please… Don’t kill yourself like this”
“oh c’mon, forget that we are breaking up this evening, we are just two freakies madly in love, and lets have a new rule, every time one of us feels sad today, he/she takes a shot of vodka!”
He took out a bottle of vodka from his car.
“what!?!, that’s insane” radhika said.
“so are we going to be today! Here take a shot.” Arjun winked.
“but i have never drunk this thing before” she hesitated.
“which explains the reason why its on my to do list. Well… get radhika drunk! Check! C’mon, we don’t have much time!! Quick let the baby run down your throat!!”
She looked at him for a while and the next second she felt the burning sensation down her throat. That was the first time she ever got drunk.
They went to every single place they had been to, the bowling alley, the temple, the disco club and many other places which arjun had listed in his to do list.
They were at the temple.
“i can’t believe that i just walked into a temple half drunk.” Radhika said. The vodka had started it’s work, she was feeling dizzy.
 “I’m so nailing it!! ain’t i??” She wasn’t steady but she did manage to pretend very well that she was steady. Both of them walked to the spot where arjun had first proposed her. They sat against the same pillar where once they both were.
“i can never forget this place” radhika said holding Arjun’s hand. She remembered the day he proposed her at this same place.
It was just another fine day, they were with  Dinesh and meena who had just got back after their first break up.
” I’m so happy for them” radhika said as she saw Dinesh & meena happily lighting oil lamps.
“yeah… I never thought that they would get back together!”
“yeah… Sometimes, you just don’t know who is the one that is made for you and everything just happens all of a sudden, boom!!! Crazy isn’t it??”
And the very next minute Arjun kissed her right in her lips.
“just like this! Crazy Isn’t it??” Arjun said. Radhika was still in a state of shock, the kiss was so instantaneous, that she couldn’t bring herself out of that. She looked around to see if some one had seen them kissing, luckily none did.
“yes, radhika, i love you!” Arjun was looking right into her eyes.
She didn’t speak a word, of course she was blushing, her cheeks were red, she was smiling uncontrollably.
“well, I’d take that as a YES! Thank you!” He winked.

It was like as if everything happened yesterday. She looked at him , she could never love anyone this much, ever.
“oh no… You definitely need a shot right now! Here, take this!” He slipped in a tiny bottle.
“no!! Seriously??? Here?? you’ve got to be kidding me!” Her eyes almost popped out.
“yep!!” He winked.
Then they went up to the near by hill station they had once been to.
It was a bit of a long drive and radhika fell asleep as she was half dizzy, the reason being the vodka shots.
Arjun woke her up.
“you’ve seriously got to be kidding me!!” She was spellbound, “mother of god!!! When did you drive me here?”
Arjun just smiled and opened the door to let her out of the car.
They walked over to the same spot where they once stood, surrounded by exotic romance in the air. Arjun remembered that day exactly the way it was.
They had been here, a year ago, with meena. She was having a rough time after her break up with Dinesh.
“jeez… I feel terribly sorry for meena, she is really having a bad time” radhika said as she walked out of the car. Meena was asleep in the car.
“yeah, it was worse this time, i don’t think they’ll patch up ever again!” Arjun said. Both of them walked up to a tea stall near by. The area was filled with mist and both of them were feeling the chillness.
“yeah, i think its over between them.” She said as she got the cup and walked up to the other side of the road from where they could see the entire city below.
“funny that certain things are never meant to be where we actually expect them to be” she said and sipped some tea.
“you mean like how your lips aren’t supposed to stay on the cup but are supposed to be on mine considering the weather condition and the romance in the air??” He smiled wickedly and embraced her from behind.
“be careful mister, once you have them, you’re gonna regret for the rest of your life” radhika said as she nuzzled into him.


“oh my god… I guess i need a shot now.” Arjun walked over to the car.
“what happened?” Radhika asked him.
“it’s freezing here. That’s why!” He said.
Taking a shot, he looked at her, she was  standing  by the rocks. He loved her way too much and He just didn’t want to lose her.
By the end of the day, they were totally drunk and were at the lake, it was the last place they were to visit.
This was the place where both of them wanted to be when they were happy or sad. This was a special one.
Radhika and Arjun were seated above a log. Both were blurting out non sense to each other.
Radhika was resting over Arjun’s shoulder. It was the best day she had ever had. A day she would remember till the day she breathed, cherishing every single moment of it, living every single day with the happiness, this one day gave her.
“i love you..” Arjun said. The sun was setting, the reddish orange colour of the sky was at its best to let the couple literally feel the love.
Radhika looked at him.
“i really do,.. Radhika…” He said, he was looking right in her eyes. He loved her, so badly, so very badly.

To be concluded….


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