10 commandments for a perfect relationship

Well guys, talking about relationships, everybody has a problem with their girl friend. Here are some commandments for a perfect relationship!

Commandment #1:
When you are in a relationship, foremost thing with utmost importance is being faithful to your girl.
Exhibit A: Down the street with your gf, you sight a hotty across the road. What do you do?
1. You ogle at the beauty with your souls stretching out to her.
2. You pretend to be a gentleman when you are actually not. You talk some bullshit to your girl about the environment, probably about the weather or the grocery shop past the beauty, making it very obvious that you are a jerk.
3. You are actually a gentleman and you probably didn’t notice the hotty at all/she wasn’t a hotty at all(p.s. Please see a psychatrist & may god help you 😢)
If you are the third one, there is seriously nothing  down there that is meaningful to your senses, you may please go visit some other blog!
There lies the problem! Guys are actually innocent, they cannot pretend to have not done something when they have done it, unlike girls who can pretend the hell out of Gwyneth Paltrow. (no offence ladies 😇)
For those, who have this problem can refer to the 57th commandment. (thou shall ogleth thy hotty nay admire her assets whilst thou induceth a hint of surprise in thy love’s mind) we’ll get on that later.
Talking about hotties, you might have some of them as your friends or should i say “you ended up being friends with them” cause previously, you failed making a hopeless shot and later on understood the fact that they were way out of your league and realised that they might be useful for posting a few clicks over Facebook/twitter. I know guys, it happens.
 Well, back on to the issue, for those who have friends like that, you’d better stay away from those girls when you are in a relationship. Cause they are the sleeper cells, you’ll never know when they might boom!
It goes like this
Your gf: “whose that girl you were talking to, down the street, a while ago.”
You: “who? That girl? Just a friend, baby”
Your gf: “oh.. Just a friend? Didn’t seem so to me! I was watching you guys all the time, you were totally hitting on her”
(if the girl was hotter than your gf, irrespective of what ever you were talking to that girl)
Your gf:  “oh.. Just a friend? Didn’t seem so to me! I was watching you all the time,she was totally hitting on you”
(if your gf was hotter than the girl,irrespective of what ever you were talking to that girl)

And that’s how it starts!
Be careful guys!

  Well an ex is probably not a big issue, unless & until she remains an ex in your life, meaning ” she doesn’t exist in your present”.  Being still friends with your ex is like asking your kidnappers to drop by someday for a friendly chat after they let go of you. Having your ex in your life might make your girl feel insecure about her relationship, she might feel like being on the hook. A constant fear of losing you to your ex. On the other hand, having an ex back in your life again proves to be an advantage if your girl friend is a freaking lunatic, mark my words, you’ll love it when the bitches fight.


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