I am sorry about wat ever is going on between us… Part 3

“sanjeev!!! Get ready… We’re getting late…” Radhika was packing her clothes, the whole family was going for the wedding.
“the first to get in the car gets an ice cream!!” Ajay knew how to handle the kids, he loved them very much as much as they did.
“You seem excited!” radhika’s face held a smile Ajay couldn’t leave  unnoticed.
“yeah… My two best friends are getting married tomorrow!” Radhika’s enthusiasm was obvious.
“best friends?? So it’s going to be like a re-union! You’ll get a chance to meet all your friends! It feels good when old memories are refreshed isn’t it?”
The smile on radhika’s face faded, she realised something that moment, the fear of facing the past she had once left behind, the memories she had buried long ago. She wasn’t ready to face it, she knew she would never be.
“yeah… It does” she said with a hint of sorrow Ajay failed to understand.
Ajay was happy for her. Despite being a good dad, Ajay was caring husband too, he had never refused anything that radhika had ever asked him, radhika hardly asked him anything, but even that mattered alot to him. He always tried to make her happy but radhika was always subtle. At first Ajay tried to cheer her up but later on with time , he realised that it was radhika’s nature and stopped feeling bothered about it. Yet he loved her alot.

By evening they had reached the place, Meena welcomed the family with a warm smile and after a while, the family settled in their room.
Radhika was unpacking her things when Ajay came near her.
“hey… It’s your friend’s marriage, Why don’t you go out and spend sometime with them, I’ll take care of the kids”
“thanks..” radhika smiled “but are you sure??”
He patted her shoulder and smiled.
Radhika walked out of her room to meet meena. On her way, she met many of her old friends. As she walked up to her friend’s room, her eyes were nimbling  every where, as if they were searching something… Or Someone… Despite the fear of facing the past, her heart raced on the very thought of even looking back at it, she was curious, her mind was restless, her eyes were desperately searching him everywhere. The feeling was difficult to be understood but she loved the rush of adrenaline she felt that moment. She wanted to meet him.
She reached Meena’s room and found her upset.
“i can’t believe this! This dress, I’ve been wanting to wear all these days is small for me now!”meena cried. “i bought this dress 2 years back!! back then it was a bit tight but i thought I’d fit in perfectly later on! But now, it’s very small for me!!!”
Radhika helped in arranging all the other dresses that were on the floor. Meanwhile, meena walked out to see Dinesh.
Radhika realised something, confronting the past after all these years, wasn’t going to make things any better, the fact that meena’s dress was not a fit for her was behind the scene until she confronted it again after two years. It was a mistake, all of a sudden she didn’t want to do this, her curiosity faded and suddenly she felt scared, she didn’t want to meet him at all.  Just when she was finished packing the dresses, she heard a voice.
“can you tell me where is meena??”
She turned around and she regretted the very moment that she hadn’t.
“Radhika..” It was Arjun.
“Arjun…” Her voice choked.
Finally, the moment had come, the past she had been regretting about all these days, was standing right in front of her. Nothing had changed, she was still the same girl who was once madly in love with the guy whom she had left ten years back. She felt weak and helpless.
“how are you?” Arjun asked her. The guy hadn’t changed much, not much of a thick beard and a bit of grey hair around the ear were the only changes visible. He was still admirable, the spark in his eyes were still eminent.
“yeah… I’m good…” She managed to say that.
“you have changed..” He looked at her in surprise.
“but you haven’t…” She looked at him, “not much…”
Both of them walked up to the terrace and they talked, talked and talked even more. Time seemed to have stopped, the talk was endless.
It was 12am in the morning when radhika walked back into her room. She was happy, all of sudden, things seemed to have changed, she felt young. That night she couldn’t sleep. She was thinking about him. She realised how much he loved her and how blind she was all these days, she had realised the mistake she had made.
The following morning, everybody gathered at the hall.
Radhika had dressed to her best and so had Arjun.
“aren’t you gonna say anything about how i look??” Radhika asked him.
“am i just hallucinating or is it you who gets hotter everyday?” Arjun smiled at her.
They were so happy with the life they were living now.
Arjun held her tighter and whispered in her ears.”so what’s the plan for the night??” And she slapped him gently on his face.
“I’ve realised what I’ve been missing all the years… I’m so sorry…” Radhika said to him and coiled her hands around his arm.
“I’m glad everything is fine now.”he said.
“so when are we leaving??” Arjun asked her.
“tonight will be the night, lets begin a new life!!!” Radhika said.
The marriage was awesome. Radhika was very happy, she had never been so happy in her life.
That night…
 Arjun held her in his arms, kissed her and pushed her to the bed.
Radhika kissed him passionately, her hands rubbing his chest. It was totally different. He had never seen radhika like this. It went on for long time. And finally it came to end. Both of them were exhausted.
Radhika held him tightly
“i love you… Ajay”  she said and he held her even more close.
A few miles away from the wedding hall, in a resort. Arjun lay exhausted in the bed.
“i love you… Arjun” the woman, he had just made love to, said and cuddled him.

Radhika felt happy that she had that talk the last night.
The previous night at the terrace.
“how is life radhika??” Arjun asked her.
“it’s good.. I’m married… And I have two kids..” She said. Arjun nodded and silence followed.
“I’m sorry… Arjun… I’m really sorry for what ever that was going on between us…” Radhika felt responsible for what ever happened.
“don’t be radhika… Just Don’t be…” Arjun said.

Radhika remembered the day they broke up. that evening, they were at the lake.
“i love you…” Arjun said. “i really do… Radhika”
“Arjun… I cannot do this… I’m sorry…” She said.
“do you know why i asked you for this one last day… I believed that i could change your mind, by making you realize what a big mistake you are making. By making you realise how much i love you.. How much i want you to be with me… But i guess.. It isn’t happening… I failed…”
“Arjun.. I’m really sorry about whatever is going on between us..” Was all she could say  before he stood up to leave.
“don’t  be radhika… Just don’t be…” Was the last thing she heard him say as he walked off.

Now, She felt very bad for what she had done.
Just then a woman walked up to them.
“hey baby… I was searching for you everywhere” she hugged Arjun.
“radhika… This is shruthi.. My wife…” He said.
“hi…” The woman was energetic. She shook hands with radhika.
“I’ll  be waiting in the room… Be back soon..”she said as she waved a bye to both of them.
After she left, they looked at each other,  it seemed like things had changed, not a few, but almost everything had changed.
“she is pretty!!” Radhika said.

“we met four years back. after you… I couldn’t think about a relationship, but shruti.. She changed everything…” He said.
“funny that certain things are never meant to be where we actually expect them to be” he spoke again.
“yeah… I know” radhika nodded.
“look at you… I mean… You seem to be very happy with your life… A loving husband, two kids,.. Life must be rocking isn’t it??” He asked.
“yes it is… Ajay does care a lot about me” and that’s when she realised what a big mistake she had made, how blindly had she been living all these years. She had lost the love of her life, but she failed to understand that life must move on, no matter what. She had been destroying her present thinking about how wonderful would it have been if the past had continued for the rest of her life. She failed to see how beautiful her present was. Of course, life would have been awesome had she married Arjun, but it wasn’t worse with Ajay. She just failed to understand how awesome her life was with Ajay.
That night she realised how madly should she be in love with Ajay.
She walked up to her room. Ajay was asleep, so were the kids.
She lay besides him, thinking about how much this guy cared about her.
The next morning.
Radhika walked up to Ajay,
“aren’t you gonna say anything about how i look??” Radhika asked him.
“wonderful as ever” Ajay smiled at her.

“am i just hallucinating or is it you who gets hotter everyday?” Arjun smiled at shruti.
Radhika and Arjun were so happy with the life they were living now.
Arjun held her tighter and whispered in her ears.”so what’s the plan for the night??” And shruti slapped him gently on his face.
“somebody is quite happy today…” Ajay looked at radhika.
“I’ve realised what I’ve been missing all the years… I’m so sorry…” Radhika said to him and coiled her hands around his arm.
“hmm… I’m glad everything is fine now.”Ajay said.
“so when are we leaving??” Arjun asked her.
“we’ll leave tonight… I have booked the resort” shruti smiled at him.
“it feels good to see you happy…” Ajay held her close.
“tonight will be the night, lets begin a new life!!!” Radhika said.

Sometimes, in life, we worry too much about things we’ve lost and destroy the things we already have in it. Life is so precious and you get to live it only once. Stop worrying… Start living…

“i am sorry about what ever was going on between us..” She held Ajay closer than ever and never let go of him, ever.

                       THE END


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