The amatorial nemesis: part 1

it was a dark night and the sky was cloudy, rain was a foretold guest yet to come. John was lying in his bed, with his eyes wide open. Something was disturbing him and apparently there was nothing he could do but try and get used to it. He missed her, for he knew no else could make him feel this way but her. While being messed up with his thoughts, he heard some noise far away, gradually the noise grew as his mind traversed back to reality and he realized that it was his cell phone.
“hello, Mr. Watson, its Marshall, sorry to disturb you at this hour, but there is a situation, sir”
“what’s my concern?, officer.”
“we have just been reported about a body, found in the valley woods…”
“i’ll be there”
He hung up even before the officer could describe the entire scenario.

The farm house was surrounded by patrol cars, dog squads were busy searching for clues around the area and  the forensic team that had arrived at the scenario was working on the their subject.
“i have never seen such a thing in my life” one mate remarked, as he carefully traced the foot print off the floor
“well, sure this is one hell of a murder” snapping a picture, another guy commented.
“what do you think could be the motive?”
“could be revenge, love affair  or who knows a psychopath”
“yeah, she sure did cheat on her boyfriend, look at these marks around her thighs, these are repeated patterns,  some sharp object could be a claw or something! Her stomach is totally worn off. Must have been the guys best friend, she cheated on, i am just hoping to see another corpse in a while now!” david chuckled.
Just when john walked into the room,
“what’s the status?” he asked a mate.
“female victim, must be around 25, status unknown but i hav sent her picture to fetch the details.”
“how bad is it?”
“stripped naked, her stomach and thigh flesh are dug out and her neck is snapped backwards.” an officer listed out.
“what do you think?” kneeling down, examining the body.
“nothing sure for now, sir. It could be anything, i think it could be a love affair”
John wasnt listening to what the mate was telling, he looked intently over the body, his eyes examining the wounds and blood spattered around. His mind was interpreting the odds and possiblities.
“anything suspiciously interesting?”
“yes sir, the left eye is missing!”
“any other evidence you could possibly find?”
“you must see this, the killer must have written it before he left, the blood with which he has written is from the victim.” pointing to a wall,david said.
John moved forward near the wall, spelling the words in a husky voice. “for my love”
“it could be her boyfriend” david added.
Without a word, john walked out of the room.

On his way back, john had his thoughts circling around again. Slipping a puff of his favorite cigar, he drove his car through those thoughts.

“that isn’t fair daddy, eve is cheating, don’t you see it” max’s  voice rang in his ears. he loved the 7year old.
“i am not cheating you liar, you don’t know the rules of this game, why dont you tell him the rules daddy!” eve said.
“you seriously suck as an elder sister, eve” max grunted.
“yeah whatever, kiddo” eve teased him back.
“games over kids, lunch time, look what mommy has made for you” rachel opened the basket. They were on a picnic on a summer holiday. Life was so wonderful back then. He missed eve, sometimes, he would meet her at the college and that was all.
He wanted to meet them, he felt the need to. The car stopped, john walked out to the door and knocked on it. There wasn’t a reply, he knocked again and after sometime, the door opened behind which he saw Rachel.
“hey…” she was surprised to see him, the surprise not being so very pleasant.
” i was on my way home, thought I would drop by to say a hi” he hesitated.
“how are you john? What are you doing here at this time of the night? Are you ok?” she was concerned. atleast to him, it was so.
“no.. no.. nothing serious… mind if I come in?”
“oh… I’m so sorry, come in” and the door closed.
“isn’t steve home?” john asked her.
“no.. he’s out of town on a business trip.”
“are the kids asleep?”
“eve is at her friend’s and max is sleeping in his room, tiring day… you know” she smiled.
Max was lying in his bed covered up with his bedspread. John leaned forward and kissed him
“hey champ” he whispered in his ears. The child was in a sound asleep unaware of what was happening.
“I think you should leave john, it’s late”
“hmmm” and the next min, they were standing at her doorstep.
“are you free this Saturday?”  he asked her.
“ummm… steve and I have a few plans for the weekend. I’m sorry john” she had almost underlined the irony of her statement.
“oh… hmm…” he walked away. He realised how stupid his question was. He had already lost her, it was a try in vain. Before she closed the door, she heard a voice “I’m sorry Rachel”
“good night john” she said.
“good night rachel” he said and drove away.
The next day, at the police department, was like every other day. David was making his way to the chief’s cabin, when he accidentally bumped into john on his way.
“any news about that girl, david?” john asked him as he walked past david. Matching his pace, david referred one of the files in his hands “yes sir, Jessica adison, age 25, lives in 234-c. saint mark street with her grandmother, parents- both dead, no siblings, is a waitress at joe’s fast food.”
“what else?”
“she was, apparently single over year now and her previous relationship was not so very interesting for the resources say that she was the one who actually got dumped.”
“what do you think?”
“This girl was not much of an active kind in her college and has not many friends to hang out with, which shortens our search. According to her grand ma, this girl was more of a silent one. I don’t think she has done anything to provoke someone to murder her and she was the only one to support the family and there isn’t any family background which again brings us to the conclusion that there could be no motive of killing to get any valuable assets”
“what about the forensics report?”
“Oh yeah regarding that, Dr. grey is waiting at your desk to talk about it” david said.
John walked straight into his cabin as david left him.
“good morning Dr. grey, what do we have on this case.?”
“good morning john, here is the report, you might wanna have a look at it.” She said handing over a file and a few photos “I don’t think it is just a murder, look at these pictures.” She pointed out to a few photos. “these cuts, you see, are made by some sharp metal object but it isn’t a knife, it is rather small.”
“like a penknife?”
“could be possible, she was actually tortured before she was killed.”
“how do you say that?”
“look at these cuts on the thigh. There are five deep cuts and each one is a clear straight cut, supposingly if the killer just wanted to kill her, he would have run his tool randomly rather than just making such straight lines and it is common sense to cut the throat to kill and not in the thigh. do you see the blood that is all around? Blood flow was rapid when the cut was made indicating active heartbeat. She was tortured and left there to die.”
“what about the missing eye?”
“that is my point of suspiscion! The killer’s rage is seen all throughout the victim’s body but not in the eye. He actually managed to take it out carefully.”
“what do you mean?”
“if he had stabbed at the eye then, there must have been an irregularity but the cut is clean. He first sliced off the eye lid and after carefully taking the eye out; he cut the veins at an optimal length”
“like he could use the eye for a transplant?”
“Of course, he could” she said.
“The red marks on the hands and legs actually suggest that she was tied”
“hmmm… thank you Dr.grey !” he said and she left. John went busy with his thoughts. Manipulating every single detail he had heard and observed in this case.  Lighting a cigar, he stood by the window interpreting the evidences.
“hey john..” he heard voice, he knew better who it was.
“lexi… what brings you here?” rubbing the butt in the ash tray, he said.
“you of course!” she smiled wickedly as she seated herself on the desk crossing her legs. “you have a case it seems?” she asked.
“yeah… a murder or should I say a
“oh… that sounds interesting, how much you been through”
“the killer ripped her stomach, sliced her thigh, snapped her neck, and pulled out her left eye cut short version: tortured the woman to death, and above all this, we have a statement “for my love’ ”
“wow, a hard core romeo!, intresting!”
“the statement wasn’t  meant for the victim, for she has been dormant in relationships for a while according to the sources, could be a secret boyfriend and chances are there she cheated on him, but this girl has had more of  a solitude life with her grandma. Nothing makes sense” john wasn tensed but the fact that nothing actually made sense, irritated him.
“hmmm… it sure doesn’t but don’t worry, you will find a way through”
“let’s hope I do” he leaned in his wheelchair.

the view was a delightful one from where the killer was standing. People were enjoying the night at the club, vodka shots running down thirsty throats, lusty eyes  gleaming with desire and greed, half of the crowd for girls and the rest for money, but amidst them was a man, hardly humane from inside, his only desire being blood. The killer’s eyes were fixed on his prey, he had been following her over a month now and he had gathered enough about her. Despite being seated three tables away, he could tell what the name of the lip gloss she was wearing. He wanted to taste her blood so badly. The very thought of it gave him an erection, her blonde hair, it remained him of how much he loved someone.

Izzy walked to the desk “hey stella, don’t look but I think the guy on the third table is watching you.” Leaning against the desk with a beer bottle in hand, her friend smiled.
“yeah I know, I’ve noticed him already” she smiled, sipping some scotch from the glass she l at the guy.
“he kind of looks cute, doesn’t he?” she whispered to izzy’s ears.
“you gonna hook up with him?”
“depends on how the night turns out to be.” Stella winked at her as izzy moved in to the dance floor with her new friend, Ted she met a while ago at the bar.
The killer walked up to her. “hey.. I am George”
“I’m stella” and the game was on.
After a while, izzy saw stella leave the bar with the guy and she knew what stella had in her mind.
The car made a halt in the middle of a forest, in front of a small chalet.
“is this where you live?” stella asked him.
He didn’t speak a word, but his eyes were boring down on her.
“where are we?” she asked again uncertain of what else to ask. She knew what he was thinking, and she could already feel the heat in the atmosphere. His eyes were fixed on her and then it begun with a paroxysm. They kissed each other pushing their tongues down the other’s throat. His hands where running around her back, quickly moving up her blonde hair, curling them in his fist, he pulled her head back.
“I want you” he smelled her, running his wet tounge over her throat while his other hand had unlocked the glovebox, opened the toolkit and pulled out a scalpel.
Stella caught the shine of the lustrous metal in the moonlight and even before she realized it coming through, she jerked back on the door missing the scalpel by an inch away from her eyes slicing a deep cut on her nose. Blood gushed out at high pace. She screamed out in agony desperately trying to kick herself out of his reach, the killer fell back and then he pulled her by the leg while she made untiring efforts to open the door but it was locked. Ramming her hand against the glass pane, she broke open and hurried out pushing her legs against the killer.
She was almost out of the car when she felt a sharp blow on her thigh, the scalpel was dug on her thigh and the killer dragged the scalpel and her legs and with an enormous effort, managed to pull her inside. Pieces of the broken pane creased her stomach making her to turn over in agony. The killer moved his scalpel around her waist tearing it open and then ran it randomly all over. Blood gushed out uncontrollably. The girl was shivering in pain, her abdomen went numb as the pain she felt was beyond the limits an average person could undergo. Even after ripping her apart so badly, the killer’s face showed no signs of satisfaction, he looked at her, she was unconscious, he pushed his hand into her wound, nibbling his fingers further up he touched her lungs, squeezed them, she screamed and then she choked, it was a loud shriek. looking at her, he smiled. And then, winding his fingers around a few viens, with a vigorous force, he pulled them out. The entire forest went in a state of horror to the agonistic scream of the poor woman.

to be continued…


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