The Hangover!

Life is beautiful!!! Life is wonderful!!” Raghav was standing naked and screaming at the top of his voice. The entire room smelled alcohol and bile juice. Joe was lying near the toilet basin, unconscious.

Karthik was lying unconscious with his head on the toilet basin but in the adjacent room. Krish was with him.

It was 12 am and the night had just started.

Now wait, how did we get here? It is not much of a long story, but anyways, let’s rewind to about 12 hours from now.



Guys, like I’ve always believed ‘LIFE IS SHORT’, we never know what awaits us at every turn down the road. Every moment is a surprise, every moment is magical. Believe it or not, EVERY MOMENT CONSPIRES A NEW STORY.



12 hours before the hangover….

Karthik was at the Nescafe shop, when raghav walked up to him.

“Sup? Man!” raghav asked him.

“Nothing much!” karthik was silent.

“c’mon!! Something is fishy! And hey..! Where’s the chick you were hanging out with, the past few days?”

Karthik frowned at the question and it became obvious to raghav.

“What!?! You guys broke up!?” raghav seemed surprised.


“But why!??”

“She was just not the one!” karthik replied.

Both of them remained silent for while when karthik spoke again.

“You know what!?!  I’m done with this entire finding “the-love-of-your’s-life” thing! It sucks!”

“Oh c’mon!! It’s ok! She was just not the one… that’s all! Why do you lose hope!” raghav was cheering.

“No!! I am serious! I’m done searching for that one girl who is going to spend the rest of her life, madly in love with me. If she is really out there then let her come to me, i am not going to search for her anymore.

“Well… if that is it. Then why not enjoy life being single” raghav was enthusiastic.

“Yeah man!!” karthik was excited.

“Then lets rock it dude!!” he stood up to speak further.

“Lets forget all that we’ve been through and live this night like two crazy-single bastards, all of Coimbatore has ever seen. Lemme remind you one thing my friend, tonight is going to be that one night about which our kids are gonna talk for generations to come. Let’s make history tonight.”




5 hours after the hangover…

“Guys!! Guess what!!? I just found the girl who could probably be the love of my life!” karthik was excited.

“Oh man!! Not again!” raghav frowned. “Dude… its 5 in the morning!!”


“No… I was sleeping and i had this weird dream and.-” karthik was talking when a whiskey bottle thrashed against the wall, right above his head. It was Joe. “If he talks one more word, i swear to god, i’m gonna kill him!” he said as he rolled himself to the other side of the bed.


“but-” karthik was about to say something when raghav spoke “dude! Everybody’s has had a bad night! Can we just talk about it later?”

“Yeah go to bed!! You asshole!!” it was krish.

Raghav looked at karthik for consolation,

“Forget it!” karthik walked out as he said and shut the door behind.



10 hours before the hangover…

Raghav and karthik were walking to the parking lot.

“Here, see this.” Raghav pulled out a booklet from his bag. “You might wanna read this”

It read “Teri meri nautanki”

30 minutes into the hangover…

“Dude! I guess the fire alarm just went on” Raghav said.

“Holy crap!! I told you not to burn that book inside the bathroom!!!” Karthik shouted at raghav.

“What the fuck!?! You were the one to force me to burn this book!!” Raghav shouted back. The entire bathroom was full of smoke.

Just then, the calling bell rang.

“We’re screwed!!” Raghav was panting.

The bell rang again.

“I’m not fucking opening the door.” Raghav was sweating.

“Ok wait… Relax… We can manage this!” Karthik said and opened the door.

“Is everything fine sir?? The fire alarm just went on” the manager was standing at the door. He was polite.

“Oh… I’m so sorry… We didn’t know that there was a sensor above us… We were just smoking… May be the smoke just triggered the alarm by mistake, no problem!”

The manager was skeptical,

“Are you sure??”He asked them.

“Yup sure!! It’s just the cigarette!! We aren’t doing anything else!” raghav said.

“Yeah… And it is definitely not anything else! I mean… We’re definitely not burning any book or something! A book that he might have written on an emotional note for the ex love of his life life, now, on an emotional note again, burning it to over come the very feeling of sorrow and hatred over his ex.!” karthik paused for a breath. Both the manager and raghav started at him, it was awkward.

“That would be crazy, isn’t it?” He smiled wryly.


10 hours before the hangover….

“Is this….” Karthik’s face gleamed in surprise.

“Yeah… The story about my past.” He said. Raghav had written a story about his love life and had made a small book. It was a birthday gift for his girl friend who, now, was an ex in his life. They broke up a few months back. As far as the relationship was concerned, the break up must have been really bad but raghav had never expressed himself out, it was as if he was very normal but hardly anyone knew what he was going through. Besides, he was now dating another girl, Priyanka, which is a whole new story but we’ll get to that later.

“You sure you want me to read this? I mean… you never let anyone read this!”Karthik said.

“Yeah i’m sure… i’m over all that bullshit!” raghav chuckled.


“You have any plans for tonight??” Raghav asked him.

“nah… Nothing i guess!”

“Well! You have now!!”

“What do you mean “i hav now”??” karthik looked at him.

“We’re going to kochin!” He sounded excited.

“wait… What??” Karthik didn’t get it the first time.

“kochin!!! Bro. I’m pulling in the others too. It will be fun. Beach, bikini and booze! And it is going to be awesome!!!”

Before Karthik could say a thing, raghav had left the place.



5 hours before the hangover….

It was car trip to kochin. Karthik, raghav, Joe and Krish were standing at the registration desk in taj hotel. Raghav was standing by the window lighting a cigarette when Karthik walked up to him.

“I read it…”Karthik said.

“So? what do you think? How was it?” He smiled.

Karthik remained silent for a while as Raghav lit a cigarette.

“Are you ok?” Karthik asked him.

“Is that a question??” He frowned. “I’m perfectly normal! What do you think?”  Streaks of smoke ran out of his nostrils.

“I don’t think so! You are just pretending to be happy!”

“C’mon man! I’ve moved on. I have a girl friend now, i am happy with her, why would i even pretend??” He was lying.


5 hours and 30 minutes after the hangover…

“Ok… Yes… I haven’t moved on! The thing with my ex is not over yet! A few things, no matter how hard you try, can never be forgotten, but on the bright side I don’t think about her anymore”



“And… moreover… priyanka is hot! She is like the hottest chick on my girl friend list!” raghav said.

3days after the hangover…

Raghav found priyanka making out with suganya in the terrace.


5 hours before the hangover…

While, raghav and karthik were busy talking near the window,

Joe and krish were finishing up with the formalities at the registration desk.

“Dude… 6’o’ clock. Look at that chick.” Joe whispered to krish.

Krish turned around to see “ohh… yeah… that’s a good one!” he turned to fill up up the forms. He didnt bother much to listen to what Joe was saying.

“Ohh look at those rugs man! Judging by the size of them… you know she likes it dirty!”

Krish gave him a weird look for a second and said. “Seriously!?!”

“Oh c’mon man! She is hot… dont you see that!”

“Never mind!”Krish wasnt in a mood to argue. “Where are the other two?” he said.

“Ohh there…” he pointed to the window.

“Ohh… i dont believe this… he is still talking about his ex?? Seriously… what did he see in tat girl??” krish frowned.

“Ummm… boobs?!” Joe said.

“Dude!! Seriously??” krish frowned again.


“You have no idea about falling in love with a girl! Do you??!” krish said as he walked away.

“You mean… you fall on top of the girl when she gives you the dirty look whilst being on the bed??”

“Forget it!” krish said as he walked away.

That guy found the love of his life a month later. “It was magical.” that is what he says when asked about his love story even today.

1 month later…

Joe was talking over phone.

“Yeah… i miss you too sweety… i’m just going to the bath room. I’ll be back in a minute. Bubye… umma… yeah love you too”


“I can’t believe that guy is in love! I mean who expected that!” krish was talking to raghav.

Just when someone opened the door. It was karthik

“Hey guys. Remember the time i told you about the girl i saw in my dream..?? I was searching her all these days and guess what?!? I met her today! And you know whats interesting?? She is the daughter of our physics teacher!” karthik was excited.

“He is never gonna change… poor kid!” raghav whishpered to krish.

2 hours before the hangover…

“Hey joe… how was the date with that hot chick??” krish asked Joe as he walked into the room. The booze party had started. Raghav and karthik were already half way throuugh the whishkey bottle.

4 hours 50 minutes before the hangover…

Krish left Joe to talk to the other two guys. After a few min. raghav walked up to Joe.

“Dude look at the hot chick over there!” Joe said.

“Ohh… yeah… you know she likes it dirty!” raghav cringed his nose.

“Right!?! Right!!?! “Joe was excited.”Only you understand me man!! Krish was being crazy about what i thought about her.” he said.

“You wanna talk to her??” raghav asked him.

“No man!! You crazy??!” Joe was startled.

“Wait here” he said and walked up to her. They were talking for a while now and Joe stared at them. He felt weird. And then raghav pointed towards Joe, the girl smiled and waved a ‘hi’ to him.

After a while the three guys saw them leave to the table by the swimming pool.

“Whats up with Joe!??” karthik asked.

“Oh… looks like he has a date!”Raghav said as he got the keys from krish.

Back at the table near the swimming pool, Joe was talking to his date.

“So… swathi… you had a break up? What happened??” Joe seemed concerned. Sipping a glass of wine from the glass, he listened to her.

“Oh… i broke up with my girl friend.” her face was low. Joe gasped and choked on his drink.

“Wait what!?” Joe thought he didnt hear her properly.

“Well that’s a long story… you know… happened 6 months back when i had to undergo an operation to change into a girl for my girl friend.”

Everybody in the room was rolling on the floor unable to control the laughter.

“You mean you were on a date with a chick who was once a dude!!?” karthik was laughing his eyes out.

“C’mon man!! It isnt funny!!” Joe was frustrated.

“Oooh… oooh… did you give her a blow job!??” krish poked in. and the laughter turned hilarious.

“Chill out dude!! Have a drink!” raghav handed him a glass.

The night was picking up pace. Raghav was getting high.

“Karthik… you know the thing i used to tell about treating your girl like a whore for a good relationship?? Mine turned out to be a real one!!” raghav laughed. “But my relationship sucked.” his voice was low.

It wasnt funny but he was laughing.

“Switch on the TV, put some song man!!” raghav stood up to light a cigarette and walked up to the balcony.

“Ahhhhhh….” he let the smoke run out of his nose. His eyes were closed. It was as if he was enjoying every single puff through his entire body.

“She was a whore man!!” he was talking to himself.

Karthik walked up to him.

“Are you ok?” he shook his shoulders, but raghav wasnt listening to him.

“She is a whore… dirty whore man!!”He said as he slapped the iron railing by the side of the balcony.

“Relax man!!”Karthik was worried. Raghav was turning aggressive.

“You know what buddy?? I think we should go have a minute in the other room” karthik pulled him out to the other room.

They walked inside other room, when karthik locked it.

“Here… take this…!” karthik pulled out the book that raghav gave him earlier this day.

“What!??” raghav was confused and dizzy as well.

“Burn it!! You will feel better!!”

“You’re crazy!!!”

“Seriously!!! Take this…and burn it!! Now!!!” karthik handed a lighter to raghav. “Go to the balcony! Dont burn it in the bathrom!!” he said as he gulped down the rest of the drink in the whishkey bottle.

After 30 minutes, both of them walked into the room where two join the others.

“Hey!! What happened??” krish asked them.

“Umm… nothing!!” karthik said. Joe was seated on a chair, frozen. He was stiff and his spine erect. His eyes were wide open and he was apparantly staring at nothing.

“Whats with Joe!??”Karthik asked him as he saw the vodka bottle empty. “You’ve got to be kidding me!! You guys finished the entire bottle!!??” karthik frowned.

“Dont ask me… i couldnt get sip of It.! ask him!!” krish pointed to Joe.


 15 minutes ago….

“What do you think would it feel like when you gulp the entire bottle??” Joe was holding the vodka bottle.

“I dont know about that but its better than giving a blow job to that bisexual you were talking to a while ago.” krish laughed harder.

Joe was already frustrated. Poping up the knob, Joe gulped the entire bottle down.

Karthik saw the glass, he had filled a while ago with whiskey. He gulped the entire glass at one go.

Suddenly, raghav pushed him aside and walked into the bathroom and a moment later, karthik found him barfing on the wash basin. There was vomit all over him.

“You ok buddy??” krish said.

“Oh… loog ad me… lemme wash myself!!” he dragged himself into the shower. He was blabbering.

He sat under the shower and opened the tap.

“Tum hi ho… ab tum hi ho…” everyone heard him say as he splashed water onto himself with his open palm.  Alcohol was taking charge.

“Tere liye… hi jiya… tujh KO…” raghav was going out of control.

“I think he is high!” krish said.

“Dont you see it!! He is freaking high!!” karthik shouted.

“What is wrong with you?!” karthik tried to pull raghav out but he wasnt listening.

“Leave me alone” he shouted jerking his hand off. Then he moved to the tap and stretched his hand to the shower knob.

“Dude… you realise the fact that if you would just get up a bit, you would reach the knob”karthik said.

“Ehhh what?!” raghav wasnt listening. Karthik frowned.

“Wait… lemme help you.” karthik turned on the shower knob.

“Tum hi ho… ab tum hi ho…” he started again.

Leaving raghav inside the bathroom, karthik walked out, he was feeling dizzy already. The whishkey was starting to show its effect.

Krish walked up to karthik.

“Are you ok man!?” he asked. But karthik struggled to respond. He felt something, something strange. Something was erupting from below and before he realised what it was, he found himself rushing to the other room.

Krish turned to raghav; he was still in the shower singing that old sound. He was half way through the song for the second time.

“c’mon bro. gets up!! Enough is enough!!” krish tried to pull him out, but raghav didnt listen.

“You know what my friend..?? Life is beautiful… life… is wonderful!!” he said as he splashed some more water onto himself.

“Raghav!! Get up!!”

“Dude!!! Go away!!! Dont you see, i’m peeing over here!!? Give me some privacy man!!” raghav shouted at krish.

Slowly, it dawned on to him when he saw the pale yellow streak in the stream near the drain.

“Oh man!! Get up now!!!” he pulled him out of the shower. Then krish helped him remove his dress and wraped a towel around his waist. While he was cleaning up the mess, Joe rushed into the bathroom and pushed his head into the toilet seat.

Krish dragged raghav to the bed and tugged him in.

Krish was tired and sick already. The room was a mess. He started nauseating.

Karthik was in the other room barfing. Krish could only here the voices from the other room.

Then krish walked into the bathroom to check on Joe. He was half asleep with his head on the toilet seat.

“Oooooooo man!!!!! whoooooooooooooohhhh!!!! The party is on!!!!” raghav was jumping on the bed with the towel in his hand.

“Whoooooooooooooo man!!! Life is beautful!!! Life is wonderful!!!” he screamed on top of his voice.

“dude!! What is wrong with you!?? And why are you naked?!!” krish was shocked at what he was seeing.

“Whooooooooooooooo!!! Look at my dick man!!” raghav was spining the towel in one hand and holding his penis in the other.

“Eeeeeehhhaaaaaa eeeehhhaaaaa… look at me… i’m a cowboy!!” raghav said as he jumped on the bed. Raghav was out of control. Krish locked the door behind and walked up to the other room to check on karthik.

3 hours after the hangover…

Everything had come to an end. Raghav was lying naked on the bed totally exhausted. Krish was lying beside Joe in the other bed.

Karthik was in the other room lying in the bed totally unconscious.

Everything had finally settled.



 Somewhere in the middle of the night between the 3rd and 5th hour of the hangover…

Karthik opened his eyes…

He was strolling in the garden.

“Hello… you a local?” he heard a voice.

And when he turned, his eyes met hers.

“Umm… no!! I’m a visitor too…” he smiled

“Oh… that’s ok…” she turned to leave.

“But i can still show you around… i know a few place around here”

“My name is…” she was saying something but his vision was blurring out, he felt his eyes shutting aginst his will.

It was dark… and then a moment later, his eyes opened.

“That’s the cliff point… the view is breathtaking…” he heared himself say and the girl was right besides him holding his hand.

“I wonder how a kiss feels like at such a breathtaking view point??” she winked at him with a naughty smile.

Both of them jogged upto the cliff point and karthik’s eyes blacked out once again.

After a few seconds… his eyes opened.

“It was wonderful with you… here is my number… call me…”she said as she kissed him on the cheek before she bade a bye.

“I’ll be waiting…”she said as she walked away.

“Wait where are you going…?”He called out to her. He ran behind her but him wasnt moving at all. She started fading out of sight. Karthik ran harder but he wasnt moving at all. Her image faded completely. Karthik ran harder and all of a sudden the ground beneath him disappeared. He found himself jump off the cliff. He was falling, the distance between him and the earth diminishing. And the moment his face met the ground. He tossed off the bed waking up all of sudden. His eyes were wide open; he was at the hotel, his heart pounding hard. He looked around. There was no one around. He thought about the dream he had. Surprisingly, he didnt remember anything but the girl’s smile. He smiled, rejoicing the dream he had.

5 hours 15 minutes after the hangover…

Karthik was standing outside the room. His mind was filled with that one particular scene he remembered of his dream. He wanted to find that girl but he felt helpless. He had nothing in his hand. He knew nothing about that girl. He just stood there staring at the birds in the garden. Raghav walked upto him

“So… whats with this new girl you have been talking about?” stretching out his arms, he yarned.

“Nothing mans… just a stupid dream!!”

“Hmmm… you are going after this girl, arent you!?”  Raghav smiled.

“Huh?! Why do you think i would??” karthik was confused.

“Coz that’s what you do!! Always!!”

“Well look at who is talking… Mr.i’ve-moved-on!!”

“”Ok… Yes… I haven’t moved on! The thing…..”Raghav was saying something but karthik wasnt listening to him. His thoughts were somewhere else.

What was he doing? He thought. Where was he going on with this love of the life thing? He would always end up meeting the wrong girl. He knew that for sure. But this one was out of hand. He was thinking about a girl whom he had never seen and knew nothing about. He had just met her in his dream. That moment he decided something.

“…… I don’t think about her anymore” raghav was still talking.

“You know what bro. i’m seriously done with this thing! Let’s leave this here! i am not going to search for any random girl i just met in my dream or believe that she is going to be the love of my life.” karthik said.

Raghav smiled at him.

They stood there for a while

“Hell of night man!!”Raghav said.

“Yeah… it sure was one hell of a night!”

The end!


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